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Wait Till Helen Comes

No description

Adelyn Silguero

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Wait Till Helen Comes

Wait Till Helen Comes
A girl named Molly had a mom that got a divorce and she got remarried to a guy that had a big brat as a daughter named Heather. Molly's little brother Michael didn't like Heather either.Dave, Heathers dad, and Michael and Molly's mom decided to move to Baltimore. But was really weird was that they had moved into a church in Baltimore. But was even more weird was that there was a graveyard. In the graveyard there was a tombstone that had initails that was H.E.H. Which was Heathers initails.
The conflict is that Molly and Heather don't get along at all.At the end when Helen tries to drown Heather, Molly has to save her and then Heather loves Molly and they get along, and they live happily ever after.
Title:Wait Till Helen Comes
Author:Mary Downing Hahn
Genre: Scary/Horror

Heather: Heathers mom died when she was three years old and she was living with her dad, Dave. When they decided they were going to move to Baltimore in a church, Heather was even more mean then she was. Like when they were packing their room Heather would try getting Molly in trouble by messing her side of the room. Also that Molly would tell Heather really scary and spooky stories about grave yards. Even though Molly never did any of that stuff, Molly was the one that got all of the blame. Every day Molly would get in trouble because of Heather. Like when Michael and Molly went to the library, Molly got in trouble for that because Heather said that Molly left her in the woods. Even though Molly told her not to go in the woods.
Character Analysis
The theme of the story is Be nice and he/she will be nice to you. How I think that is because Heather was mean to Molly because Molly was mean to Heather and at the end of the story is Molly saved Heathers life and was being really nice to her. So then Heather was really nice to Molly.
I highly recommend this book, because its always in a good spot its practicly all the climax. Its also very exiting. I think everyone should read it! I think that 12 and up year olds can read this book because its very scary sometimes but it has a lot of action to it.
Reading stradegy
When I read I lose my place. Also that every time its quiet I can't read.I have to talk and read other wise I move around a lot, and it gets really uncumphertable.
Personal growth
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