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ELLE Magazine Contents Page Analysis

No description

Lillie Lague

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of ELLE Magazine Contents Page Analysis

ELLE Magazine Contents Page Analysis The masthead of the magazine has been placed at the top of the page like as on the front cover and exactly the same style of typography has been used too. It is conventional of magazines to do this to create consistent synergy throughout. The font is in a pale grey tone matching with the colour scheme of the page using black, white and grey colours with the only colour being the models clothes. The heading beneath the masthead is in the same font style as the masthead but the typography is smaller and the spaces between the letters are smaller. It is unusual for a contents page to be layed out in this way as it is the title 'contents' that is conventionally at the top of the page in a large, bold font. However the colour of the font of contents and the date is black which stands out more than the title and is therefore still very eye-catching although it isn't the biggest feature. The list of pages is split up into 3 sections to break down the text. Each section has a title that is a grey colour and the font is in capital letters to stand out. The page numbers are written simply in the same font as the text with the use of a hyphen to link to each description. The most appealing words of each description is in capital letters to attract the reader. Using a straight line the bottom paragraph has been separated from the above text so that it is not linked. The paragraph includes information of how successful the magazine is as an individual brand. As this text is spread across the entire page it seams like there is a lot to mention and therefore suggests to the reader that the magazine is very successful and consequently makes the reader feel good that they are reading such a successful magazine and have become part of it. The use of the white background adds to the simplicity of the design as it is very subtle. It allows the text to be read easier and fits in with the colour scheme not of just this page but the colours used on the front cover too. As the background is simple it makes the page appear less cluttered and is generally easier to read. The overall layout of the page is very simple so that it fits in with the classy style of the magazine. The structure of the page is very sophisticated and this is carried throughout the magazine but it is important that the contents page is noticeably stylish as it is the next most formal page of the magazine that works as the second element is persuading the reader to purchase the magazine. The main image, along with everything else on this page is simple but effective with the use of just one model with a plain grey background there is very little going on however the image presents a bold statement that implies the fashion genre of the magazine and the mise-en-scene of her clothing suggests the higher class of the magazine. The colours of her dress, blue and pink are an unusual contrast but with the magazine mostly targeting women, the feminine colour of pink is used as a way of stating this. The colour of her suede heels is a deep pink and doesn't necessarily match with her outfit however it works by linking with the colours used on the front cover of the magazine.
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