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The Mighty Polar Bear

Learn how cute and agressive poar bears are!

Saksham Narwal

on 3 March 2016

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Transcript of The Mighty Polar Bear

How much do Polar Bears Weigh
Polar Bears weigh about 600 to 1,800 pounds.
Polar Bear Abilities
The Polar Bear`s Speed
What do Polar Bears Eat
Polar Bear Describsion
Polar Bears look handsome. They have a lot of fur on their bodies. They have 4 legs, 1 snout, and 2 eyes.
Where Do Polar Bears Live
Interesting Facts About The Mighty Polar Bear
Thank you for watching our presentation on The Mighty Polar Bear!
The Mighty Polar Bear
by Saksham Narwal and Marcus Marquez
Polar Bears have waterproof eyes. They have sharp claws that help them hunt for food and build houses for them to live in.
How Tall Polar Bears Can Be
Polar Bears can reach a height of 4 to 5.2 feet!
* Did you know that the Polar Bear has a lot of nicknames; Ursus Maritimas, Sea Bear, Ice Bear, Nanuk, Isbjorn, White Bear, Beliy Medved, Lord of the Artic, Old Man in the Fur Cloak, and White Sea Deer! * Male Polar Bears eat their babies!
Polar Bear`s can reach a speed of 3.5 mph on land, and 6.2 mph underwater!
Polar Bears eat seals, fish, and walruses.
Polar bears ONLY live in the Arctic . They do NOT live in Antarctica.
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