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Teaching with Technology

No description

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of Teaching with Technology

Create a space in which we are able to record our learning

Teaching with Technology Faculty Learning Community
Developing Technology in Teaching
TwT Actions and
Future Steps
Students should demonstrate facility with current technologies used in K-12 settings
Reflective of priorities in both WMU and CoEHD Strategic Plans
Instructors should demonstrate facility using and teaching use of technology as needed to facilitate quality instruction and increased learning
TwT FLC has developed a group of willing, and now able, peer instructors for other CoEHD instructors interested in these same goals
Apple iPad trainings to support iPad initiative
Monthly engagement with new technologies
Next Steps:
Instructional Technology Coach
External PD and Trainings
FLC Facilitator
Results of Internal Study
The TwT faculty learning community was created to teach instructors new instructional technology as well as provide teacher candidates opportunities to provide cutting edge technology-based instruction in K-12 settings
TwT is a comprehensive professional development program designed to equip faculty to use technology to support learning and further increase instructional collaboration between both students and faculty.
Disseminate our learning throughout the college and at conferences
Develop partnerships with two local school districts to improve the alignment of pre-service and in-service technology resources, training, and integration

of faculty members surveyed are
using software/websites for instructional or professional productivity.

of faculty members surveyed are
very comfortable
using software/websites for instructional or professional productivity.
100% communicating with students
78% lesson planning
78% organizing daily routines
78% research
67% grading
56% presenting lectures
56% grant writing
44% communicating with staff
33% advising students
11% other activities
What software/websites are currently being used for instruction or professional productivity?
Concerns that faculty would like to address using software/websites:
89% encourage student critical thinking
56% lack of time to cover course material
56% increase student engagement
56% increase student traffic to office hours
Functions that faculty members currently use to incorporate software/website usage:
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