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c p

on 28 May 2010

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Transcript of Scrapbook.!

North VS South Climate:
Short growing season

31 Million,
Massive Immigration Citites:
Large Buinesses Climate:
Warm and sunny with hot humid summers mild winters and
heavy rainfalls Population:
Made up of Europeans
and enslaved African Americans Cities:
Southers lived on farms
scattered along the costal Economy:
Based on agriculture Cotton was very important in the south Transportation:
Small Railroads affected the south
Industries and manufacturing Transportation:
Great railroad network
Why we fight? Lincoln in war Emancipation
Proclamation Election Of 1860 Signed:
January 1, 1863 What was it's purpose?
To cripple souths economy
and ability to fight What did it actually do?
Freed all slaves in states and
currently in "rebellion" not border states What was it's effects?
Millions of slaves leggally free
Thousands slaves still slaved 620,00 died What is Linclon a war president?
While he was president the war was going on How did Linclon see the South?
Traitors, insurgences, and rebels Federalism-
Southerners saw slavery
as a right of each state to decide Cataylyst-
Something that provokesor accelerates
significant change Constitution The constitution talks
about Slavery and alloweded slavery. The consitution was
written in 1787 Slaves= 3/5 of a person (counted) Constituiton does mention slavery
doent say slaves "all other persons". Slavery makes North and South
very different Lincon won with 40%
of the votes In Sothern states Lincolns
name not on balit in 10 states Two republicans and
two democrats ran Southerners fears Abraham
would end slavery Antietam:
A Bloody Affair When: A September day in 1862 Where:
Close to a town called
Sharpburg along Antiam Creek Who:
Confderate and Union amies Death: 2,100 were killed
10,300 were wounded or missing
The Battle of Antieam was the bloodiest day in war The Draft:
Lincoln decided on a draft and
passed it into law in August,
1862. The actual drafting of
the men was the responsibility
of the states Lincoln's Gettysburg Address
is a speech by U.S. President Abraham Lincoln
November 19, 1863
"Four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth upon this continent a new nation: conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal."

Beginning Appomattox:
Lincoln had be searching for a commander
who ws willing to fight Confederates.
After a while he found General Grant to be commander.
Later on Grant planed an ending for the war. Assassination of Abraham Lincoln:
It all started April 14, 1865 when
he was shot while attending a

-The United States economy grew
with money becuase of cash crops, and slaves working Social
-White plantation owners ran the South
-ran by middle class North African Americans
-Southl Slaves
-North free but limited

Black Codes-
Haebeas Corpus-
Border States-
share Cropping-
Free-Soil Party-
Compromise of 1877-
Jefferson Davis-
States Rights-
Fredrick Douglass-
Abraham Lincoln-

-Abolitionists- People who favored
abolition, the ending slavery.
-Plantation- A large area of privatley owned land where crops are grown
-Federalism- The constitutional system that shares power between the national ande state government
-Segregation- The separation of the different races
-Industrial Revolution- The change in economies brought about the use of machines to do work
-Union- The United States united as one under one government
-States rights- All rights kept by the states Constitution
-Habeas Corpus- Written order from the court that gives anyone the right to trial
-Confederacy- The independent country declared by 11 Southernstes. (Confederate States of America)
-Secession-The Act of withdrawing from an organizaton

Black codes:
Limit rights of former slaves
Force former slaves to work
Keep former slaves
What Is Reconstruction?
-It witnessed America's first experiment in interracial democracy. Rebuilt.
-1865-1877 Amendments:
13th Amendment
14th Amendment
15th Amendment
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