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Bun-Bun Goma Goes National

No description

Evelyn C.

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of Bun-Bun Goma Goes National

Why We're Better
Target Audience
Company Honor Code
Facts about available market
Target Audience

This innovative toy spins at higher speeds compared to previous models. Its movement are fluid, and the dulled edges make the product safer. also, the grips at the end reduce the risk of circulation being cut off in the fingers. The toy is decorated with cool colors, such as blue, which is known to reduce blood pressure and is the number one choice of color for adults.
"Pray, hark to our verses we shall honour our oath of providing security , gold conservement, and immortality of goods, Furthermore we shan't tell lies nor shall we rip thou off."
(We vow to deliver safe, cost-efficient and long lasting products. We will maintain honest business policies.)
Unit cost: $I.52
Retail price: $5.00
Wholesale price: $90.00
Unit profit: $3.48
Current profit per shareholder: $0.87
Future profit: $0.70
Physical Therapists: in operating the toy, the muscles in the hand and arm are excersized. The toy assists crippled patients in regaining muscular control. Physical therapists will need this product for war veterans and victims of muscular atrophy.
According to the Bereua of labor statistics in 2012 there was an average total of 364,400 physical therapists. For physical therapists, there is a 36% increase by 2022 occurs. Currently there are 160,200 psychologists and 204,200 physical therapists in the U.S., all of whom are probable customers. Moreover, therapists will find it beneficial to buy in bulk for their patients.
Psychologists: patients with conditions such as anxiety and anger management need a way to relieve pressure. Psychologists need the toy for their stress-ridden patients. By spinning the toy, people can get rid of their negative emotions without taking it out on others. Additionally the pastel colors provide a calming influence.
Toys And Recreational Devices In Science
"Aim for the future, but keep your roots in the past."

Annie Bass
Yupu Cai
Katie Gu
Pranooha V.
Bun-Bun Goma Goes National
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