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hauser rec and rental

services and delivery of rec and rental

jessie mobbs

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of hauser rec and rental

Hauser Lake Rec and Rentals Equipment Canoes $500
Kayaks $1000
Pedal Boats $700
Paddle Boards $1000
Bikes $500 Rental Services Liability insurance
designed liability release waivers Approx $200/hr Paddles $50-$100
Floatation $75
Invasives species sticker $10 Costco
Local screen print i.e. sports cellar
Merchandise: i.e. Shirts, coats, hats, gloves Upkeep on equipment per use
Maintenance on bikes
Most can be fixed in house but will contract out for more technical jobs Repair and Maintenance Idaho outfitter license
One license for entire business
ACA certification for instructions
Need permission for access to Rathdrum Mountain Guiding & permits Approx $1500 annually for liability Suppliers State of Idaho
For stickers Coffee Machine
Cashier till
Power source to run two microwaves
Phone system and internet
Orion rental software
Square Up
Mac system with Ipad Delivery of service SUN DOLPHIN
OLD TOWN RETAIL SALES Currently fenced off area in back of building
Storage container existing
Would like to extend fence for added secure stoage of paddle equipment Storage Insurance Industry specs We help outdoor enthusiasts experience the fun and joy of biking, kayaking, and canoeing the rural Hauser Lake
Local competitors:
Outdoor Pursuits/NIC
CDA Paddle Board Co.
CDA Kayak
Verticle Earth
Terra Sports Marketing Plan Product
Promotion Rental Rates Kayak, Canoe, and SUP Rental:
$35 half day
$60 full day
$15 per hour(tandem kayak add $10 to each interval)
Pedal Boat rental:
$20 Half day $35 Full day
Bike Rental:
$25 half day rental $35 Full day Distribution channels
Website - Develop our own using Wix for minimal cost Customer feedback Comment cards in facility
Reviews on website
Account with Yelp.com Promotional Plan We will run specials regularly
Hand out flyers at local beaches
Senior rates
NOOO Groupon or living social!!!
Trip advisor Market Analysis Competition, Demographics, and Growth Potential Market size and growth: Kootenai & Spokane County 614,893 Customer Profile: Age 16-64
Over 100% growth in last 10 years ages 45-64
Income Bracket of $45,000-$50,000 and up Marketing Plan Guiding and lessons LOW commercial traffic
Calm secluded lake
Located on water with dock
Offer parking and picnic area
Offer less residential congestion and more nature
No Highway biking! Guiding and lesson rates Bike tours:
Mountain tours $45 per day does not include bike rental
Kayak and Canoe lessons:
$25 per lesson(1 hour)does not include boat/board rental People participating in paddle sports regionally
114,985 @18.7% people participating in bicycling
227,511 @37% 4% increase in cycling from 1999-2009 (2459 additional participants per year)

1.4% increase paddle sports(1,610 additional participants per year) Population Growth Non Outdoor Sport Competitors Silverwood
Skyhigh Total Business Costs: 3 years Building- $212501
+30% for renovation- $63000
Utilities- $6792
Property tax- $6117
Equipment- $39670
Licences and permits- $3180
Insurance- $4500
Payroll- $195000
Training- $1600
LLC and legal- $1600
Advertising, radio-$ 60000
Advertising, facebook-$1010
Advertising, web- $60
Merchandise- $9000 Total loan amount:
$602,930 Projected Earnings 1st Year @ 30%= $86,620

2nd Year @ 40%= $99,060

3rd Year @ 50%= $126,390 Loan Schedule: 602,930 @ 2.70%

Over 10 years: $5732/mo

x 12 months= $68784 Goals Fiscal
Pay off loan in less than 10 years to become financially independent
Non Fiscal
Help facilitate ecotourism amongst families
Future goals
Financially position ourselves to update our rental fleet as needed and pay a sustainable annual wage Closing
Statement Welcome to Hauser Lake Rec and Rentals
+ Hauser Goin' Guides Mission Statement Our Location: Conveniently located between Spokane and Coeur d'Alene Our Waterfront rental shop can
outfit your family with all the gear
needed for fun on the water or trail Hauser Goin' Guides + We
will rent As well as all the
gear needed
for your
adventure Canoes
Stand Up
Paddle Boards
Pedal Boats Hauser Goin' Guides: Guided paddles and tours
Canoe, Kayak, and SUP
Guided bike rides around
around the lake
MTB rides on nearby
Rathdrum Mountain Hauser Goin' Guides Our guide service will carry additional
liability insurance to cover
possible mishaps on the
water or trail
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