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No description

Maria Broom

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of ADRESSS

ALL DONE c: The total distance from my house to Eunices house is 1.2 miles!

The displacement is the same as the speed. What is the total distance? Speed = distance over time so...
S =1.5 miles/o.5 hours ; which is 3 miles per hour

To be ale to get from my house to Eunice's house in 30 minuets, that means i would have to drive at a speed of 3 miles per hour Calculate More Calculations S =D/T; 5 = 1.5/T

So T, the amount of time it would take if you were to drive at 5 miles per hour would be 7.5 minuets from my house to Eunice's Acceleration Rate Acceleration = final velocity-initial velocity/ time
A = 40 mph - 10 mph / 20 s
= 30 mph / 20 s
= 1.5 mphps by~ Maria Broom Distance and speed!
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