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Conflict in the movie "Mean Girls"

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Carolyn Ensminger

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of Conflict in the movie "Mean Girls"

Conflict in the movie "Mean Girls"
The movie “Mean Girls” is all about conflicts whether it’s within a group or within themselves. This movie focuses around all of the problems in a high school clique. The usual high school problems are all present: boys, parties, and trying to climb to the top of the social ladder. The main character Cady Heron moves to a town from Africa and she becomes the new protegee for “The Plastics”, otherwise known as the most popular clique in school. Originally she was just going to hang out with them to laugh about it with her less popular friends, but then of course she gets sucked into being the “hot new girl”. In the end, the group breaks apart after a lot of conflicts between each of the girls.

Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan)- Intrapersonal Conflict
Cady was a home-schooled girl from Africa who had no experience in the real “girl- world”. She goes through intrapersonal conflict with herself because she is trying so hard to fit in and be perfect and impress her new found guy interest that she loses herself in the mix. In her efforts to get back at Regina and be the queen bee of her group and the whole school, Cady loses her own individual personality and remakes herself in the mirror image of Regina. Cady has to struggle with herself to decide whether she wants to be the better person or become someone she’s not.

Interpersonal Conflicts
Cady also has interpersonal conflicts between her and her new “it-girl” best friend. She falls for Regina’s ex-boyfriend and when Regina finds out she plays a dirty trick and gets back together with Aaron in spite of how she knew Cady feels. Cady then seeks revenge on Regina. While Regina was playing dirty and flaunting Aaron in front of Cady, Cady was giving Regina fattening nutrition bars and telling Regina they would help her lose weight. Cady didn’t invite Regina to a party at her house, and at that party she tried to steal Aaron again, but is rejected. Once Regina finds out everything Cady has been doing, the real conflict between the two occurs as Regina exposes her friends as the writers of “The Burn Book” and almost gets them expelled or suspended. Overall, the conflict between Cady and Regina is the biggest storyline in this movie. The tricks and secretive way the girls treat each other creates a lot of conflict in the movie.

Focus Question:
What can you do to manage or resolve interpersonal and intrapersonal conflicts?
The girls resolve their conflicts by correcting her wrongs, and they go their separate ways. Sometimes, this is the best way to resolve conflicts. It can be better to resolve them by talking it out, apologizing, and coming to an understanding of one another. Just agreeing to be civil with one another is a resolution.
I feel that some people can relate to how Cady reacted. Especially in high school, there can be peer pressure to want to be at the top of the social ladder, and sometimes you can lose yourself in trying to be the perfect person. At the end of the day though, Cady realized that her values were more important than being popular, and I think that the conflicts in this movie were resolved in a good way. They weren’t friends anymore, but they weren’t catty and rude to each other anymore.
Discussion Question
Can the conflicts seen in this movie also apply to real life, in school, work, or other situations? How can you resolve those problems?
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