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PYP Meeting

Meeting on Thursday 14th

Christopher Frost

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of PYP Meeting

PYP Meeting PYP East Asia
Coordinators' Meeting Feedback about second
term conferences
PYP Integrated Curriculum
The TIS Approach

End of Year
Count Down Job Alikes PYP Workshops in Kobe
8th Oct
IBAP Regional Conference
in Singapore 2c – The Written Curriculum

2H – Pedagogical Leadership

3C – The Role of Language – enrollment May

3D – Reading and Writing – enrollment May

3F – The Role of Maths

3J – 3 – 5 Year Olds
English Language (inquiry)
Counselors/PSPE Spring Seisen
Art (inquiry) – January KIS
PE (inquiry) - Korea
PYP Workshops: Regional - Category 1 every two years available in sub-region.

Next cycle review 2014... released at one time... instead of a document at a time...

POI review service - IB Cardiff

Planners of Single Subject teachers not integrated into a core teacher UOI are to be called- UOIs standing outside the POI

Expectation of IB - single subject teachers to plan a minimum of one integrated unit of inquiry per each grade they teach per year.
Common PD Focus inquiry
etc EARCOS Stephanie Harvey
Nagoya International School
September 25 - 26 Fully Complete all Planning Sections of UOIs (by 28th May)

Strongly encouraged to fill out reflection sections

Agree on next year's POI (May)

Determine on which UOIs SST integrate (May)

Agree on UOI order (June)

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