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MI.High - Series 6

No description

Athiyah Azard

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of MI.High - Series 6

Frank London
Frank London (Saint Hope's / Saint Heart's Caretaker / M.I. High's Supervising Agent, Series 3-) is an M.I.9 agent deep undercover posing as Saint Heart's School's caretaker. Played by Jonny Freeman. Frank is also the father figure to all of his agents, especially Oscar Cole and Zoe. It's revealed in the beginning of Series 6 that, Frank used to date Stella (MI.9 Official) and in episode 13, it's revealed that they hadn't gotten over each other and shared a spontaneous kiss. He is very kind to Mr. Flatley, but he, unlike everyone else, respects Mr. Flatley and actually listens to him.
M.I. High is a BBC children's spy-fi adventure series. It was produced for the BBC by the independent production company Kudos. After a one year break, MI. High was renewed for a seven series for early 2014. Jonny Freeman was still playing his part as Frank London and head of MI.9 but was joined with Zoe (Natasha Watson), Aniesha Jones (Oyiza Momoh), Dan Morgan (Sam Strike) and Tom Tupper (Oscar Jacques.) M.I. High has been moved to a new school called Bleakwood Academy but first episode it is later renamed by Mr. Flatley, as Saint Heart's. With the character of Rose (Rachel Petladwala) leaving at the end of series 5, Mr. Flatley (Chris Stanton) is now the only character to appear in all of the series as the Headmaster of both school that hosted the M.I. High.
Mr. Flatley
Kenneth Flatley (Saint Hope's/Saint Hearts' Headmaster Series 1-), played by Chris Stanton. He is unaware of the spying activities along with much else that happens in the school. He is the only character to appear in all of the series. In series 6, when Mr Flatley gets locked up he appears to think Stella has a good relationship with Frank. He is sometimes absent-minded and always getting caught up with the spies missions. He is not firm at all and makes 'irrational decisions', according to the deputy head, Mr MacNab.
Tom Tupper
MI.High - Series 7
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