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Commonwealth of Nations South Africa

The official mueseum!

Bram Tolbrom

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of Commonwealth of Nations South Africa

South Africa Museum Culture & Lifestyle Economy The Kingdom of Funan was founded in the southern part of present-day Cambodia around 100 CE. For 500 years, it was the most powerful kingdom in mainland Southeast Asia. Funan was able to send embassies to China, resulting into the countries' vigorous relations. Indian influence from traders also reached Funan, best manifested in their religion, Hinduism. Funan rulers were accorded divine status as "Kings of the Mountain". However, in the 6th century, the Khmers, also called the Chenla, rose to power and overthrew the Funan kingdom. The Kingdom of Chenla was located in the northern part of Cambodia. It was considered the period that set the foundation for the rise of the Angkor civilization. The Kingdom of Champa was founded in southern and central Vietnam. Their trade relations with the Indians led to the spread of Indian culture. Of all the empires in Southeast Asia which accepted the Chinese empire and recognized the Chinese emperor, Vietnam was the only country to experience Chinese occupation. After a thousand years of Chinese occupation, Vietnam was liberated in 939 CE. In South Africa the people love sports. The most popular sports are football (soccer), cricket and Rugby Union (the South African version of rugby). Around the 11th century, the Kingdom of Pagan flourished in northern Burma. This kingdom was both an agricultural and architectural civilization. The demise of the Kingdom of Pagan was caused by the mounting power of the Tai. History The strong kingdom of Ayutthaya emerged in Siam or present-day Thailand, and was founded by Ramathibodi. Through his efforts, Theravada Buddhism spread around the kingdom. Todays'tour: History
Sports Sports Apartheid Peasant Wars Nelson Mandela The abolition of the apartheid was very important for the black people who lived in South Africa.
This happened mainly because of one person. Nelson Mandela. All the people voted for him. After he became president he abolished the apartheid.
This is one of the most important pieces of history that ever happened in Africa. But there is still a kind of apartheid in South Africa. Black people still have less rights in society. In the past there have been 2 peasant wars, called the “Boerenoorlogen”. during the First peasant war the farmers countered a British attack. The British wanted to take over Transvaal. The South African farmers defeated the British and won the first peasant war.
In the second peasant war the British returned with a very large amount of soldiers. They promised to bring gold and diamonds back to Great Britain. The South African people surrendered and signed a contract to make peace with the British.The treaty says that South Africa was conquered by the British. The economy of South Africa is the largest in Africa. South Africa is one of the four African countries that is ranked as an upper-middle class economy by the World Bank. But South Africa is very unequally divided. There are much rich people but twenty-five percent of the country has to live of $1,25 a day.
South Africa has a very high unemployment rate. According to official estimates a quarter of the inhabitants are unemployed. Compared to the Netherlands it is really much, the unemployment rate in the Netherlands is up and around 7%. Unemployment There is also very much poverty in South Africa. In 2002, according to one estimate, 62% of Black Africans, 29% of Colored’s, 11% of Asians, and 4% of Whites lived in poverty.

At the end of the 18th century the economy rose extremely fast. This was because there were discovered diamonds in Kimberley, a place in South Africa. South Africa sold all the diamonds and became very rich. Some Numbers This is the eland rock painting, a
famous ancient art object. Melktert, a traditional
South African desert South African vineyards Football is the most popular sport in South Africa. The inhabitants of South Africa got completely crazy when they heard that the World Cup of Soccer 2010 was in South Africa. The national football team of South Africa is called “Bafana Bafana”. Cricket is the most popular sport among the whites. They are very good in it. The national team is called the Proteans. Cricket came to South Africa because of the colonization by Great Britain. Rugby union is the most popular sport among the “Afrikaners”. South Africa had won the World title twice. They hosted the World Cup in 1955, and they also won that World Cup. The other World Cup was won in 2007. Doei,
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