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HR of the Future

No description

Will Staples

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of HR of the Future

Human Resources
of the Future

Examples of L&D Material
Your new look L&D Function
Key trends for 2013
Learner organised content
Self-organised learning
Learner Organised Content:
Available information, like brochures
On-line resources
Books, magazines
Self-organised learning:
Seminars & trade shows
Webcasts & Webinars
Secondments & Job swaps
Learning on the job
Real play
Gaining knowledge from colleagues
Understanding the role from the inside out
Business social media (LinkedIn)
Informal and formal coaching relationships
Organised Content:
Material collated by L&D
Signposted external resource
Suggested reading
Suggested experience paths
Designed Content:
Traditional training courses
Webcasts & Webinars
Your new L&D
L&D Summary
Access to learning websites
Downloadable material
Learning delivered by a variety of mediums
Faster L&D response required

Resources rather than courses

A move from push to pull

Informal learning

Experiential Learning
Your New HR Function
Need for change to a more streamlined model in order to better support the business strategy and reduce HR costs

The new model will:

Provide a single point of contact for the people agenda

Ensure greater engagement with business leaders

Focus on a 'Centres of Expertise' model

Drive a self-service model approach to HR

Involve a Shared Services partner

Deliver a more owner led, online approach to HR Services

Drive accountability for people and their development with the Line Manager
Current HR Structure
New Structure
One key interface with business

Overall HR partner with Business Lead

Liaison with HR Centres of Expertise

Links with the Employee Relations & Policy team
The Role of the HR Business Partner
Key Changes
Key changes....from today
L&D will provide a robust selection of learning material accessible via L&D Online or the HRBP– individuals and their Line Managers will be responsible for utilising this as required
Managers will own responsibility for their team’s development
Responsibility for 1:1 coaching, sales floor support, store visits will sit with the business not L&D
Training provided will be that which is planned in advance
Processes and policies will be business owned – L&D will provide the training solutions as required
Our Classroom/person to person L&D interventions will be reduced, but will still play an important part

We will be offering the latest learning technologies

The variety of learning methodologies offered will have something for everyone

Learning solutions will be far reaching and cost saving

The quality will remain at the highest standard
Your new OD, Talent & Resourcing Function
Line Managers responsible for ownership of own and team's HR requirements

Utilise the 'self service' HR tools as a first point of contact for any HR query:
HR Online
Employee Self Service
Managers Self Service
L&D Online

Where employees require support on utilisation of online portals or understanding and interpretation of policies and procedures, a call should be made to the offshore Service Desk

Line Managers conduct own interviews and disciplinary hearings and contact offshore Service Desk for any required support

For complex cases or matters which require ongoing Line Manager discussions, the offshore Service Desk will escalate the call to the ER Advisor team with additional support provided by the ER Partners

HRBPs will provide strategic business partnering for specific business areas providing a single point of contact for the UK Leadership team for all HR requirements

New Resourcing model and Steria partnership comes in to effect mid August, entire new HR model goes live in September
Shared Service delivery model
HR Function Support Model
Organisational Design (OD) & Talent
Organisational Design - structure of the business and role definition

Design and implementation of a global Performance Management System

Automated platforms for Talent and Succession Planning and Performance Management

Linking Employee Engagement with Organisational Performance

Development of UKMB, Leadership Team and wider RL6 population
In partnership with Steria, will introduce rigorous recruitment criteria

Will drive a customer focussed model aimed at:
Hiring the best people with the right fit
Creating talent pools across the business
Ensuring candidates possess the appropriate skills and abilities

The senior resourcing team will focus on:
Senior hire and talent acquisition
Resourcing strategies for all roles
Cost/time for hire measurement

New model comes in to effect end July 2013
Employee Relations and Policy
Comp & Benefits & MI
Comp & Bens & MI
Responsible for the development of the UK Comp & Bens strategy in conjunction with relevant Group initiatives

Governance centre for all UK sales bonus and incentive plans

Ownership of the UK recognition scheme & employee benefits

Develop and produce MI in conjunction with the Heads of HR and the business

People MI delivered in partnership with the outsourced partner - Steria

Greater standardisation of report requirements

Adhoc reporting will be managed to ensure key business priorities are met
Structure - Level 2
Employee Relations

Employee Service:
Online support provided through ESS, HR Online, L&D Online & Taleo
For queries not answered via the online systems, a Service Desk provision of expert, high quality, responsive Employee Relations support and advice provided through the partnership with offshore outsource partner Steria

Line Manager Service:
Online support provided through MSS, HR Online, L&D Online & Taleo
Line Managers conduct own standard disciplinary and grievance hearings with any required support provided by the offshore Service Desk
More complex employee relations cases will be referred by the Service Desk to the TC UK Employee Relations team
HR Structure
ER Support
Line Manager wants to know how to calculate a part time employee's annual leave entitlement

HR Online
Line Manager is conducting a Disciplinary Hearing which may result in dismissal

ER Advisor
Senior Manager requires bespoke development for the management team. Has already looked at L&D Online and can't find the right solution

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