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Social Media Marketing 101

No description

Arielle Kepler

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of Social Media Marketing 101

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest:

What are they/how do they work?

How can they be used in marketing?
What's Next
(now that we're experts?)

Social Media Marketing 101
Twitter is an online social networking service that enables its users to send and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters, known as "tweets".

It's a customized real-time newspaper on the topics/people you are interested in.
Twitter Rules
Tweets are 140 characters or less, including spaces and punctuation.

When you want to refer to someone else in your tweet, you use @username, for example: Thank you @ariellekepler for teaching me how to tweet!

A hashtag is made up of a word or acronym with a pound (#) sign before it, no spaces, and no punctuation marks.

Anyone can make up a hashtag to group tweets about a topic together. Example: #Sandy
Proven Twitter Marketing Strategies
(Source: Mashable)
1. Use Promoted Trends or Promoted Tweets

Promoted Trends and Promoted Tweets yield engagement rates between 3% and 10% on average, and sometimes much higher than that. For instance, Volkswagen got 52% engagement on an April 18 Promoted Tweet for its 2012 New Beetle launch.

A Promoted Tweet will appear in a user’s timeline only if the Tweet is likely to be interesting and relevant to that user.

The Twitter platform uses a variety of signals to determine which Promoted Tweets are relevant to users, including what a user chooses to follow, how they interact with a Tweet, what they retweet, and more.
2. Use Hashtags

While “follow us on Twitter” messages from marketers appear ubiquitous, hashtags can be more effective. For instance, after Audi included the hashtag #ProgressIs in its Super Bowl ad, the company “completely dominated” Twitter discussions about progress for the month.

RadioShack has used #youneedanewphone

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon has driven engagement by running hashtags that invite audience participation, like #myparentsareweird and #thereshouldbealaw.
What is Facebook?
Largest social network in the world
Reached 1 Billion Users in October
More than 7 Billion visits a week
All about interacting and making connections
2012 Engagement Leader on Facebook:

...a large brand that does an incredible job at getting their audience to respond to them.
A combination of strategic product related posts, lifestyle images, "sub humor" and direct promotional marketing
The biggest secret to their success may be consistency - posting throughout the year, hitting every important cultural and calendar event, and understanding what their audience wants to hear
2,720,605 Likes on Facebook
Advertise Community Initiatives
Book By Book with the Heart of American Foundation
For each Facebook like, Capital One donates a book to children.
36K books donated so far.

2012 Mascot Challenge
As a proud corporate sponsor of the NCAA, Capital One has held a “Mascot Challenge” contest since 2002. This year’s contest is a Facebook App, supported by a microsite, inviting “Likers” to vote for their favorite NCAA mascot. (A player must like the page in order to vote).
Capital One is the presenting sponsor of a new show on History Channel
, so the Facebook page has exclusive video content – “insider look just for our fans” and “sneak peeks”

Partnerships with Serious Eats, The Kitchn appeal to the “foodie” demo.

Facebook tabs feature “Customer Reviews” and “Venture Stories”
Customer reviews page features reviews specific to each card
Venture Story tab features stories from real people who used the Venture card for travel, including pictures and a small description.
“Investing for Good” Community Facebook page is a separate initiative – “Capital One is Investing for Good in the communities where we do business. Investing for good is our way of demonstrating commitment to our communities.”
Photo albums of employee volunteer events
Ways to donate money to charitable efforts – i.e. Hurricane Sandy victims
Brands on Instagram
Armani asks followers to upload a picture of themselves wearing their Armani sunglasses with the hashtag #framesoflife. When you visit the Frames Of Life site, Instagram pics are pulled in alongside the frame styles in their new collection.

This integrates two popular trends in social media and digital marketing- integrating social media into websites and using user generated campaigns to source campaign material.
Last April, Whole Foods ran a hashtag, user-generated campaign using Instagram to source photos and content from their community.

Each week during the course of the month, Whole Foods selected a new theme that captured “one reason why it’s more critical than ever that we take special care of this world in which we are lucky enough to live” and then encourages users to upload their photos with the #WFMEarth hashtag. One weekly winner was selected to win a $100 gift card to the grocery store.
This small, family-run business based in the UK shows that you don’t have to be a big brand to pull off big wins in your social media marketing.
McKay Flooring announced the Instagram contest on their blog, asking users to snap photos of their favorite wood floors and upload it to Instagram with the hashtags #mywoodfloor and #mckayflooring, and then offered a £100 Amazon Voucher to the winner.
What is it?
Now #3 Social Media network in the U.S.
Virtual Collages or Collection of Images
80% of users are Women
Users create visual collections (pin boards) of images that link back to the original source
Share and connect with other boards
Learn about new products, recipes, tips, etc.
The most popular images on Pinterest are related to (in order) food and drink, DIY/crafts, home decor, hair and beauty, women’s fashion, weddings, holidays and travel.
This is a forum for hobbies and interests — not somewhere users are eager to engage around life’s tedium. So, brands (like those in banking) that offer intangible services should resist the temptation to join.
835,353 Likes vs. CHLA 16,146
60,523 Talking about this vs. CHLA 1,434
St. Jude’s Research Hospital
Not ranked on U.S. News Honor Roll
St. Jude on Twitter

St. Jude: 247,130 Followers
vs. CHLA: 12,925
By hash tagging #AllStarApprentice,
St. Jude is now apart of Celebrity Apprentice conversations online in a very organic, subliminal way.
Lisa Rinna supports St. Jude on Twitter in real time during airing of Celebrity Apprentice creating huge buzz for St. Jude!
St. Jude Leverages Celeb Endorsements on Twitter
John Wall retweets pic on his Twitter garnering more St. Jude followers and fans.
Washington Wizards visit St. Jude and post picture on Twitter tagging St. Jude
NBA aligns themselves with
St. Jude
This is a PREZI, a web-based presentation application that uses a single canvas instead of traditional slides.
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