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Resume Personal Finance

No description

kara siebe

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Resume Personal Finance

Learning Goal: Students will understand the importance of a professional resume and cover letter when searching for a career.
Now You Try it!!!
Create your resume for your dream in Naviance.
You must use factual information.
You must include references!
Print out and turn in!
Assignment: Getting The Job!
Print on resume paper (thicker, more durable)
Only black ink
Keep it professional
Don’t go CRAzy with formatting
Be honest
Keep it under 2 pages
Other Tips
People who can put in a good word for you
At least 2 RELEVANT names
They should be professional in nature
Can have one character reference only
Include as much contact information as possible
List any other skills, honors, clubs, organizations, equipment, software, or information you are familiar with that would be important
Other Skills
Try to include your job title or a brief description of your responsibilities
List all relevant places you have worked
Begin with most recent
Include address and dates
Objective Statement
One complete sentence stating your purpose.
Should be specific, clear, and commanding
To obtain…
Includes all contact information: name, address, phone, email.
Name should be bold, BIG, and catchy
Include a professional email –
(EX: hotchick101@aol.com)
Personal Information
Get the job you want!
The Resume
3 Impressions of the
Job Process:
1st Impression = Application
2nd Impression = Resume
3rd Impression = Interview
Lists all educational places you attended
Always start with most recent
Include address and dates
As much information as possible (grades, degrees, honors, etc.)
Education Section
How to get your dream job!
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