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Beast Social Studies Project

This is about a Georgia Park.

Joshua Daniels

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Beast Social Studies Project

Physical Features Thumbs up! Cloudland Canyon State park Joshua Daniels Wilmer Reynoso Jordan Hill Jordan Rivera Basic Info about the park... Hours of operation Costs to enter Park Location Activities Amenities History The park is open from 7AM-10PM. The gates lock at 10 p.m. The park's office hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The costs to enter the park can range from $30-60$. Parking is $5. The park is located in the Appalachian Plateau region of Georgia. It is located on Ga. Route 136, 8 miles east of Trenton and I-59 (Exit#11), and 18 miles west of LaFayette.
Cloudland Canyon State Park 122 Cloudland Canyon Park Rd. Rising Fawn , GA 30738. The park has a wide range of activities to choose from so you may feel overwhelmed when you get there. You can take a hike around one of the many trails in the park such as the waterfall trails, West Rim Loop, the Backcountry Loop, the Cloudland Connector Trail, and Sitton's Gulch Trail. The Georgia girl guides in the park will assist you with climbing the canyons, hiking tours, cave tours and camping. You can play disc golf ,go on a little family picnic, and GeoCaching. The park allows you to rent bicycles so you can take a ride around the park. You can play tennis, go fishing, and with park approval, you can even have your wedding ceremony held here! By: Cloudland Canyon was designated a state park in 1939. when the state began getting land from private owned land. Three of these owners, from the Mathews, McCauley and McKaig families, still reside in the area. Expansion of the park continues today as new land becomes available. The park was originally 1,924 acres, and has been expanded to its present size of 3,485 acres. Until 1939 the only access to the area was through Tennessee or Alabama, however that year Georgia began work on Highway 136 to connect it to the park. The Civilian Conservation Corps did much of the early work to construct the state park and access roads. The physical features of the park include waterfalls, canyons, and caves. GeoCaching:
Geocaching is an outdoor activity in which you use a gps app to locate a cache or container in one of Georgia's state parks to find a prize inside. Its kind of like a treasure hunt. When 94 people shared their reviews of the park, 70 reviews said the park was excellent, 19 said it was very good, and 5 said it was average. But 70/94 said it was excellent though! Isn't that great? The park takes up 3,488 acres. The park has 16 Cottages, and a few are dog friendly, but you have to pay $45 per dog, and the max is 2 dogs. There are 72 available tents at the park, and there is a RV Campsite in the park too. The park has 30 walk-in campsites, 10 yurts, 13 backcountry campsites, 5 picnic shelters, 1 group shelter, a pioneer campground, and a group lodge for up to 40 people. The park even has a gift shop. Here are a couple short videos of the park. Animals These are some of the animals that live in the park. Citation Wild Cave Tour
Saturday, Jun 1, 2013
Tuesday, Jul 2, 2013
Sunday, Sep 1, 2013
Tuesday, Oct 1, 2013
You will get muddy and wet on this family friendly underground adventure. Tours are offered by Georgia Girl Guides on weekends and some weekdays. Reservations required: www.GeorgiaGirlGuides.com. $30-$60 plus $5 parking. 706-913-7170. Upcoming Events Park Views Looks at these great views of the park! "Cloudland Canyon State Park." gastateparks.org. Georgia Department of Natural Resources. Web. 9 May 2013. "Cloudland Canyon State Park." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation Inc., 30 Apr 2013. Web. 9 May 2013. Hope you enjoyed
our presentation.
The End
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