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Circle K Club

No description

Shirley Yang

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Circle K Club

Thanks for joining! Circle K International Shirley Xiao Ying Yang President Jenny Xinyu Ji Vice-president Executives Again... Frendship Leadership development Community service Helping Caring Meet new people Make new friends Conduct own meetings Determine own activities Summary http://www.andrew.cmu.edu/org/circlek/





http://www.eccirclek.org/structure.htm Pictures and videos taken from Sophia Jia Yun Zhang Treasurer Circle K official website http://www.circlek.org Like our facebook page Qi Ting Feng Secretary Wendy Che Pan Public relations (inside) Lucy Xu Public relations (inside) Ian Zi Yue Sun Public relations (inside) Caroline Zhou Zhang Public relations (outside) Qudsia Saadat Bulletin editor Tong Xu Bulletin co-editor Activities Thank you!
Have fun!!! Activities this semester Member dues - Mustache / Beard shaving (teachers)
- Clowning at children's hospital
- Unicef - Bagging at supermarket
- Bake sale
- Food drive (Christmas)
- Gift wrapping - Eliminate project
- Unicef
- Mustache / Beard shaving (teachers)
- Clowning at children's hospital
- Bagging at supermarket
- Bake sale
- Food drive (Christmas)
- Gift wrapping 2nd semester -Eliminate project
- Wacky Olympics + Pie in the face
- Painting
- Clean parks and plan trees
- Easter egg hunt
-30 Hour Famine (World Vision)

- Soccer/ Basket-Ball match (Teachers vs. Students)
- Dance/ Talent show 450$
(NOT PER PERSON!!!) La Corde Youth Unlimited
B.U.G. Other possible activities
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