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Group 4 project Macroinvertebrates

No description

on 17 May 2017

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Transcript of Group 4 project Macroinvertebrates

Dissolved oxygen
In this test we used a net, lowered it into the water and scraping the bottom of the river.
After we scraped the bottom, we brought the net out and put everything in an empty tray so we could look for any macroinvertebrates.
Afterwards we put the net with macroinvertebrates back in the water.
Macroinvertebrates intro
Group 4 project Irene Hernandez Picnic Area
Water quality investigation
background information
Dissolved oxygen is oxygen gas that dissolves in water.

Dissolved oxygen is affected by multiple processes.

A dissolved oxygen test determines how many milligrams of oxygen are dissolved in a liter of water (mg/l or ppm).
Overall, dissolved oxygen is good and bad in their own way.

Temperature affects dissolved oxygen.

The amount of dissolved oxygen affects macroinvertebrates.
team picture
The IB group 4 project is a collaborative project between students from the chemistry and biology classes at Josephinum Academy.
We went to the picnic place Irene Hernandez to experiment macroinvertebrates and also test the quality of water.
While looking for Macroinvertebrates in the water, we were able to find and identify different types of macroinveterbrates.
For the water testing we tested the river water, collected our data after a couple of tests and we were able to find the water quality.
Macroivertebrates test
We collected the water from the river and put it in a test tube.
After that we added dissolved oxygen reagant 1, 2 to the bottle filled with water and then put the button back, making sure that we released all the air bubbles out to get the best result.
We next waiting for the yellow liquid indicator to settle down and then added the dissolved oxygen reagant 3. In this step, we can see the water started to change into clear yellow.
After the water settled down, we started adding the sodium thiosulfate solution into the bottle. We kept adding the solution until it turned clear.
Pollution Tolerance Index
The chart above shows the result and the water quality of the river. The macroinveterbrates really helped clean the water. As it showed on the chart, the result is 2.2 which means the quality of the water is good.
Water Quality
In order to test the quality of the water we did a small experiment and we're looking for the changes of the water. The experiment we did was dissolved oxygen.
Our understanding about macroinveterbrate were deepened after finishing the experiment, we learned alot about macroinvertebrates and why is it so important to nature. The dissolve oxygen makes life easier for animals, for example macroinveterbrates. They would die without oxygen and we need them in our life.
This water quality issue can affect people in other parts of the world who don't have access to non-polluted water, which can cause many deseases.
Joi Bradley
Katherine Alfaro
Minh Nguyen
Valentina Ayala
Hope Smith-Taylor
Research question: To what extent does the dissolved oxygen affect the macroinvertebrates?
We want to know how macroinveterbrate can affect our life.
Thank You
We did the calculation and it shows that the water quality is medium
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