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Mr. Stack

on 11 February 2016

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Transcript of kenny

Forgotten Hero
To a surprise Kenny was better at baseball than Jackie...statistically speaking. His batting average was better than Jackie's according to the UCLA records. A former USC baseball coach Rod Dedeaux once said that Kenny was better than Jackie. Brooklyn Dogers manager Leo Durocher offered for Kenny to join the team on one condition that he had to stay a year in Puerto Rico to say he was from there Kenny refused.
Not As Famous
As you know Kenny Washington was forgotten but in his time he was famous. He was a star in UCLA, in both baseball and football. The reason Jackie was more famous is because baseball was much more famous than football at the time, and Jackie played in a popular city called Brooklyn.
Early life
Kenny Washington was born August 31, 1918. He lived in Los Angeles' Lincoln Heights. His only parents name was Blue Washington. When he was young he was hit by a car and broke both of his knees. He also contracted rickets. This would later on affect his career overcoming five knee surgeries.
A Ban Lifted
Kenny Washington wasn't alone on his team. A man named Woody Stroke was with him. When the Los Angeles Rams signed the contracts for both of them a 13 year ban was lifted for blacks to play in the NFL, but it still didn't mean people would agree.
An image of Kenny Washington
The Forgotten Four
Not Alone
In the video it shows the four people who played in a segregated league a year before Jackie Robinson. Kenny Washington was first of these four to enter. I would say that the were more important than Jackie Robinson in the fight to end segregation. But Robinson was still very important.
Everyone knows who broke the color barrier for baseball Jackie Robinson, but who broke it for football? Most of you don't know that it's Kenny Washington. Kenny and Jackie both played baseball and football at the athletic fields of UCLA and both excelled. On April 15th every baseball player wears the number 42, it's the only time they can wear it. While on March 13th nobody stops to think of Kenny Washington when he broke the color barrier in 1946 a full year before Jackie did. Over the years Kenny hasn't earned any respect he's not in the hall of fame, and his number isn't even retired! Then the first game in his honor was played. They play it every four years. He is not respected much but I respect him in many ways.
Kenny Washington August 31, 1918-June 24, 1971

information sites: Google, NFL.com

video sites: Youtube
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