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Augmented Reality & Creativity in ESL

No description


on 20 March 2015

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Transcript of Augmented Reality & Creativity in ESL

Augmented Reality & Creativity
in ESL

What is Augmented Reality?
Experience Augmented Reality!
Current uses of AR
AR Fosters creativity
Autonomous Learning
Collaboration & Discussion
Extension of experiences
Engagement & Interaction
Appeal to students of diverse learning styles
Project-based learning (PBL)
AR in Education
AR in ESL Projects
Your Turn! Learn to Embed Media
Trigger image
: image to scan
: media embedded
: place for auras
More ideas:
Vocabulary hanging charts
Group poster presentations
Blended book reports
Unit reviews
Augmented Bulletin boards
Reading logs
Scavenger Hunts
What did you like about this activity?
What were some challenges you came across?
Did you seek help from others?
Did you try until you succeeded without help?
How did you feel when you created your first aura?
In what ways do you see yourself or your students being able to implement this tool?

Aurasma: www.aurasma.com/aura/
Augmented Reality and Journalism: www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-r_pc8KX_4
Augmented Reality in Education: Shaw Wood Primary School uses Aurasma: www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qRcIek4NY0
Image Recognition that Triggers Augmented Reality: www.ted.com/talks/matt_mills_image_recognition_that_triggers_augmented_reality
Two Guys and Some iPads: www.twoguysandsomeipads.com/p/aurasma-tutorials.html
Survey +
After-conference Sync!
Ixchell Reyes, Kaz Shida, & Irina Bolkhovitina CATESOL Inland Empire 2014
Business English
Advanced Writing
Intermediate Oral Skills
Augmented Reality (AR) combines the real environment with a virtual one; extension of real world
Open the app and hover your device over the image to the right
Follow the channels CATESOLIE and catesolie
Why use Augmented Reality?
Blend technology into a lesson or project to meet the same goals
It fosters creativity!
Integrating AR Effectively
Have a goal in mind
Plan ahead
Choose the lesson to be augmented carefully
Not all projects are practical
Be flexible and encourage students
Purpose: Teacher produced vs. Student produced

Thank you!
fill out this survey
online before leaving.


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