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Research for Counselors

No description

Megan Herscher

on 22 August 2013

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Transcript of Research for Counselors

Research for Counselors & Chapter 1
Introductions & Syllabus
Who are you & what are you afraid of :)
School Counselor and MH Counselor Groups
Break into groups- collaborate on what this article means?

Reflections on Text
Why Research?
Scientific v.s. Subjective Method
Why Science in Counseling?
increase an understanding of how to solve social problems
What do you expect from this course

Why is this course relevant?

Review Syllabus
Present to Class
Why is this valuable

How might this impact your work?
What is to stop you from doing work that is ineffective....even damaging?
What models do you see as effective in your field?
How do you know!
have you always known it to be true
did someone say it was true
did you feel like it was true
or DID SCIENCE provide this concusion
Personal Bias
Development of Myths/Stereotypes
Philosophical Underpinnings

Post Positivism
Critical Theory

A truth exists...we just need to find it
Post Positivism

there is a truth...but we can never "know it"
Abaondon the idea of truth...
Results & Methods influcent one another
Critical Theory
knowledge is based on socially constructed beliefs
understanding of human behavior, how it changes...and what influences it.
Develop your own framework
Flash light analogy..it will shine only where we point it...
However....be careful about UNIVERSAL TRUTHS..
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