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Huck Finn's Moral Development

No description

jessica zukowski

on 30 March 2011

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Transcript of Huck Finn's Moral Development

Huck Finn Project Scene 1: Pap's Cabin Characters Present:
Huck and Pap Quote: "I thought it all over, and I reckoned I would walk off with the gun and some lines, and takes to the woods when I run away." (23) Analysis: After Pap left to go into town, Huck thought about what he was going to do with his life.Huck Finn had enough with Pap and realized that he could do better in life. If he was to stay in the cabin he would be abused and used for the rest of his life. He also realized that Pap only wanted to get closer to him for the $6,000.Huck does not want to be controlled anymore. Scene 2: Jackson's Island Characters Present:
Huck and Jim Quote: "I was ever so glad to see Jim." (37) Analysis: Huck doesn't care about the fact that Jim is a different race than his own. Even though this is going against society, Huck is very excited to see Jim and to have some company. As long as he gets to be with Jim, he doesn't care if even a black person were to tell the town that Huck is still alive. Huck is going against society by being with Jim, he was not always like this. Scene 3: Foolin' poor old Jim Characters Present: Jim and Huck Quote: "I wouldn't done that one if i'd 'a' knowed it would make him feel that way." (78) Analysis: Huck is looking out for Jim. Even though he tricked Jim he still cares about him. Huck actually has feelings for a slave. During that time it was against society to be friends with a slave, but Huck did not care. Scene 4: Slave Hunters Characters: Huck and
John and Parker (the slave
hunters) Quote: "He's White." (81) Analysis: Jim was an escaped slave and if you got caught being a runaway slave you would get into a lot of trouble. Huck lied to the slave hunters so that Jim would not get into trouble. It shows how much Huck cares for Jim even though he is black. Scene 5: Fued Characters Present: Huck and Buck Quote: "What did he do to you?" (97) Analysis: Buck and his family want to kill the Shepherdsons even though they did not do anything to them. Huck realizes that there is no point in killing somone if they do not deserve it. Huck also does not get why Buck's dad is teaching Buck to shoot at people. Huck feels like this is unethical. Scene 6: Parkville Characters Present: Huck and the town of Parkville Quote: "Everything had to clear the way or get run over and tromped to mush, and it was awful to see." (131) Analysis: Huck actually feels bad for the people. Huck has never seen people really getting hurt and he does not like seeing it. Children his age and younger are getting trampled and Huck knows that they do not deserve it. Huck is going against what the people consider normal. Scene 7: Theater Scam Characters present: Huck and Jim Quote: "Them rapscallions took in 465 dollars in that three nights." (138) Analysis: Huck Finn finally realizes that it is bad to lie. He is disappointed that the Duke and King want to steal the town's money. Huck wants them to stop and make things right. Scene 8: The Funeral Characters Present: Mary Jane and Huck Quote: "I'll write it for you on a piece of paper." (171) Analysis: Huck wants Mary Jane to have her families money. He does not want the Duke and King to take it from them. Huck knows that if he told Mary Jane then it would be hard to listen to, so he wrote her a letter. Huck is doing the right thing by giving her back the money that is rightfully hers. By: Chelsea Wolfe and Jessica Zukowski Scene 9: Betrayed Characters Present: Huck and Aunt Sally Quote: "I wished I could do something for her, but I couldn't, only to swear that i wouldn't never do nothing to grieve her anymore." (251) Analysis: Huck has tried to escape numerous times from Aunt Sally. Although, everytime he sees her sitting on the porch he realizes that he would feel awful for her if he left. Huck has developed enough to feel bad for someone and realizes what it would be like for Aunt Sally if he left her. Scene 10:Helping Jim Characters Present: Huck Quote: "I hoped they was going to say he could have one or two of the chains took off, because they was rotten heavy, or could have meat and greens with his bread and water." (254) Analysis: Huck thinks Jim deserves better than what Aunt Sally is giving him. He thinks that Jim should be treated better than society treats him. Huck is willing to go against society to give Jim a more fulfilling life.
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