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Evolutionizing Women 2010

10 extraordinary women changemakers, who influenced Evolutionize It through face to face interaction in 2010. (Next year there will be 11!)

Evolutionize It

on 21 January 2011

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Transcript of Evolutionizing Women 2010

Evolutionizing Women 2010 In honor of their roles as influencers of change For Ten
Women 10 capable women who inspire a sense of hope and awe in others around them 10 caring women
who always give their best to whatever
they pursue 10 wise women,
with insights they actively cultivate
and willingly
share 10 passionate women with hearts for achieving meaningful social change Ane San Miguel Hub Brussels
cosi10 Brussels Amanda Jones Social Entrepreneur at
http://RedButtonDesign.com Oxford Jam Unconference
SHINE UK Unconference Community Host
The Hub Amy
Sample Ward community development
manager @http://netsquared.org #4change crew Antonella
Notari Director, Women
Changemakers Foundation WCMF Launch Workshop
Women's Forum 2010 Gwendoline de Ganay Assistant Programme Manager, Women's Forum Women's Forum 2010
cosi10 Brussels Jean Russell Founder, http://Thrivable.org Ned.com Unconference
cosi10Chicago Jennifer Milliken Programme Director
Women's Forum 2010 Women's Forum 2010
#WF2011 Lynn Le University Student
Social Business Ned.com Unconference
cosi10 Brussels Martina von Richter Social Entrepreneur
http://Imaginell.com Hub Brussels
MicroSuccess Group Hub Brussels Board Simone Poutnik Co-Founder of Hub Brussels and
http://Natural-Innovation.net An Evolutionizing Woman influences change through the sharing of passionate, capable, and caring wisdom. The gift that comes with this message represents some heartfelt respect for the amazing Evolutionizing Woman you are. Thank you for influencing me! 10 amazing women
whom it's been an honor for Evolutionize It to
work with and be influenced by
in 2010 Wishing you all the
best for 2011 and beyond Christina Jordan
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