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Spring 2018 vacation

No description

yasmin wehbi

on 6 December 2017

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Transcript of Spring 2018 vacation

Spring 2018 vacation
My trip
For my trip I plan to go to Paris for two weeks. Paris is my favorite place in the world, and super expensive and I would love to go back. Here is how i'm going to do it.
Planning a vacation in another country
Is this going to work
Paris is a very expensive place to go to, so I did what anyone would do when they need money and fast, I called my grandma! She told me she would loan me $3,000.00! I took her offer up and now my savings look like this...
Money I make:
per week- $85.43
per month- approx. $256.29-$330.00
how long until trip:
approx. 21 months

When traveling to a foreign country, you should always make sure to be prepared for the worst thing that can happen. Always get your shots, pack antibiotics and everything you need for a safe trip. Make sure to have copies of your passport, register with an embassy, be sure to have plenty of the currency plus cash from your own country, get a charger adapter and keep a bag that is hard to steal out of with you or a fanny pack.
Flight (there and back) -$1,041.00
Hotel (13 nights)- $680.00
Food (3 meals x 14 days + occasional snacking)- $2000.00
Transit (taxi, metro)- $500.00
Recreational/ emergency - $2000.00
TOTAL: $6,221.00
New savings
$6,221.00 - $3,000.00 = $3,221.00
It will now take 11 months to save up for my trip, so I will go in the summer.
Time to pay grandma back- 10 months
I have no idea what I am doing, and six thousand dollars for a 2 week vacation, is crazy and unaffordable for me. In the future if I were to plan a trip, I would go somewhere near by, and for a shorter amount of time.
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