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HESC 475 Project

No description

Edgar Sanchez

on 22 February 2014

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Transcript of HESC 475 Project

HESC 475 Project
La Puente
Edgar Sanchez

Built Environment
Economic Environment
On the left is a taco vendor that was selling food on a corner of a street. There use to be a lot of people that would sell ice cream and corn before the police would crack down on them. These vendor locations are very popular around here because the food though unhealthy taste great!

On the right is a video. In that location there was a hill that people would hike or go to enjoy nature. They removed it and put in more fast food restaurants to create more jobs. The video just shows three fast food locations but there are least four more in that specific area on the other side. The places have created jobs, but instead of people hiking here they stuff their face with unhealthy food now.
Service Environment
Social Environment
Here is the Donut Hole, one of the few landmarks in La Puente. It is in the shape of a donut and all around it are other fast food places such as In-N-Out, KFC, and Doublz. The Donut Hole was part of a franchise in the 1960's but was the only one made in the shape of a donut and it is the only Donut Hole left. Due to its shape it gets a lot of attention, enough so to be featured in a film from the 1990's. Because of its popularity it is no surprise that a lot of fast food places were built around it, therefore making this area very overcrowded with fast food chains.
On the left is a local WIC that helps many of the community members. There are a lot of low income households so services like these help out the community a lot by providing affordable food.

In the middle is a Food Facility Rating that grades the restaurants and fast foods on how well the food is safe, wholesome, and free of contamination. It gives a great insight on the food being served there but most people, for what I noticed, do not pay that much attention to it.

On the right is a Northgate Market, this specific one provides the most jobs in the city. Also since there is a large Latin@ population here, it really targets the city's population. It is also very close by and provides local residents with cheap food on the most part.
On the right side is a picture of a Jim's burger that is conveniently located near my old high school. Since it is so close to the school, a lot of students use it as a hang out after their class is over and socialize. A lot of students have meet up here to have lunch, go on dates, birthday celebrations, and things like that. The food is very greasy, but not a lot people seem to mind.

The video here is food that my parents got from a local church. A lot of local churches around here provide a lot of food to the local people in the community at a very affordable price. My mother usually attends and from here has made some friends that she occasional talks to. The people here also pray together and have created a safe space to talk about anything.
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