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What is alchemy and how has it been attempted?

English III - 4th Period

Evelyn Schaffer

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of What is alchemy and how has it been attempted?

Evelyn Schaffer What is alchemy and
how has it been
attempted? What is alchemy... ... and how has it been attempted? Alchemy = Chemistry ? Alchemy Across the
Ancient World Why alchemy is DEFINITELY
ancient: Alchemy is an ancient philosophy and practice that has means of transmuting one element into another, defined most simply as the "art of transformation." Scientifically, it is all about elements, and how one element can be changed into another. The main goal of this type of alchemy was trying to turn base metals into gold, which symbolized “the ultimate stage in a process of perfection. “

Spiritually, it was simply the concept of regenerating the soul. This aspect depends greatly on the scientific aspect, because it was believed that anything that could be done to elements could be done to the human body or soul. Alchemy is often considered the "mother" of chemistry. Chemistry and alchemy are NOT the same because: alchemy had no scientific goal and was more experimental than anything, relying heavily on myths and theories. Chemistry, on the other hand, is purely scientific and has definite laws and studies. Chinese Alchemy Alchemists believed that processes which had an effect on minerals and other substances could also have an effect on the human body, for example, if someone learned how to purify gold, then they could then use the same technique to purify the human soul and heal the human body. The main goal was often trying to change common metals into gold. This is because it was largely concerned with the underlying principles of how things change as well as the basic process of how one thing transforms into another. Several discoveries made by ancient alchemists help chemists of the modern world – some of the same instruments are used as well! Scientifically and Spiritually! Closely connected to Taoism and the Yin and Yang philosophy. Indian Alchemy Directly related to the Dharmic faiths (Buddhism). Produced black gunpowder and fireworks. Western Alchemy Spread from the Mediterranean to Greco-Roman Egypt, to the Islamic world, and finally settled in Medieval Europe. This is the alchemy that is said to have developed into modern chemistry. Today, we know that you CAN'T purify gold, because there is only so much gold in the world. Also, we need medicine or therapy in order to be healed physically.
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