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No description

Jenelle Nila

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of Orientation

Spring 2014
Student Orientation
Our Philosophy
A&I Expectations
All employees are expected to maintain excellent work performance and complete all assigned duties
Shift assignments are at the discretion of the supervisor and are likely to change at any time
Cell phones are not to be used while working unless on break. Ipods may only be used during dishroom shifts but you may only use one earpiece
Remember that being a positive member of our team helps not only you but all of your co-workers.
A&I is using the Dining wide Attendance policy
Students are allowed a maximum of 12 points attendance in a rolling 75 day period beginning on the start date of their employment.
All students must check in with their supervisor when clocking in/out and sign into the task sheet in the Student Office
Students coming from class have a 15 minute grace period
No one may clock in unless they are in
full uniform
Sub out through ilearn at least
48 hours
in advance
If no one subs in for your shift, you are still responsible for that shift and you must follow proper call in procedures
If someone subs in for your shift, you must sub in for someone at some point during the quarter
You are only allowed to sub in for students who work here unless you also work at another facility and vice versa (cashiers sub in for cashiers only)
Calling In
Call-in’s are for last minute emergencies only
First call in to the supervisor/manager you will be working with
If they do not respond, then immediately call the office line (951-827-6081)
The office voice mail is not available
If you need to call in:
First and Last name
Shift you will be missing
Date and time of call
Number you can be reached at
Text messages are acceptable as the LAST RESORT!
Meal Perks & Breaks
Employees are allowed 1 meal, paid for by UCR Dining, per working day
Meal may be consumed in 15 minute break during shift or 30 minutes before/after your shift
Break times are at the discretion of your supervisor
Meal tickets are provided with valid reasons
Everyone receives a meal but breaks are dependent on the amount of hours a student works
Still #1?????
Each student has been assigned a training card
Supervisors/Managers will train you in the different areas and equipment within our facility.
All of our new and returning students will be fully trained in every area designated on the cards
Students may be moved during their shift depending on their training experience
may only be used on the white floors in the front of the dining hall (i.e.. Worlds fare, Salad Bar, Deli Bar) It may also be used at My Gourmet and for the blue tiles in front of The Grill
is a heavy floor degreaser it may only be used on the kitchen floors and the back part of the grill and my gourmet
is all purpose sanitizer used for cleaning work areas counters etc

is glass cleaner and may only be as such
may only be used as a heavy floor degreaser in case there is no #143 (ask a custodian first)
Customer Service
Try this!
The End
Hours, Holidays, Special Events
Schedule Changes
Ice Cream Truck, Concession and C- Store
Hours of Operation
Food Truck: Mon-Thurs 11am-2pm& 5pm-11pm
Friday 10:30am-2pm
Sunday 5pm-11pm
Facility: Sunday 10am-9pm
Mon-Thurs 7:15-9pm
Friday 7:15-8pm
Scotty's @ A-I: Mon-Fri 11am-2am
Saturday 7pm-1am
Sunday 5pm-2am weekend hours?
Ice Cream Truck:
Mon-Thurs 11am-3pm & 5pm- 11pm
Friday 11am-3pm ???? any updates?
Being a part of A&I's Success
You have many choices to choose from...
And more coming soon!!
General Safety
Proper Protection Equipment (PPE)
Recipe for Success
Safety Checklist
Know all safety aspects of your station
Key Points
Food Storage

Make sure all products are properly sealed and labeled.
Protective Gear
Always ensure that you have proper equipment when working
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