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Mangu con Salami, Queso Frito, Y Huevos

No description

Hector Marmolejos

on 9 November 2013

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Transcript of Mangu con Salami, Queso Frito, Y Huevos

Mangu with Salami, Fried Cheese, and Eggs

Three Plantains
1 12oz Tropical Queso de Freir
1 16oz Salami Induveca
1 6pk eggs
1 bar of butter
16 oz Corn Oil (oil of preference)
Red Onion ( if preferred)

Steps for Plantains
Mangu Time
1. Get the plantains from earlier and drain the water
from the pot leaving only a little bit of water.
2. Get a fork and start mashing the plantains.
3. As you are mashing it, add a spoonful of butter
and some of the frying oil until it has a smooth
4. Put it on a plate and add the salami,
queso frito and eggs on top.
5. If preferred, fry some onions and
garnish your dish after.
6. ENJOY!!!
Prep for Salami, Fried Cheese, and Eggs
By Hector Marmolejos
Serving Size 2
1. Peel the Three Plantains and cut them in
2. Get a pot and put water and a few
pinches of salt.
3. Put in the plantains and let it sit
for approximately 10 minutes or until
it boils.
4. Get a knife and poke the plantain, if it
is tender enough, add cold water and turn
off the stove
5. Put aside until further notice
1. Put oil in a pan and turn on the stove
2. As this is happening, cut your salami and queso frito into
slices. (Preferably thick)
3. Fry the salami until crispy or based on preference
4. Do the same with the queso frito
5. Fry the eggs (based on preference)
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