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Parents Bromley High School

No description

emma robertson

on 13 June 2016

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Transcript of Parents Bromley High School

What are they doing on social media?
Why we're talking about social media...
Digital Awareness UK
A case study
Workshops for years 5 & 6
Different forms of cyberbullying
Today's session
Digital parenting typologies
What social networks they're using
5 things you can do today
What you can do if your child is cyberbullied
Staying healthy
The Digital Footprint
What would a good digital citizen do?
Knowing your rights
What would a good digital citizen do?
"Hi @LucyBubble I'm ur biggest fan! I love ur songs. I'm in year 4 at Horn Park School. Shall we meet at the park after school to do some songs together? xxx"
How to be secure online
Are your pics and videos safe?
How your children are using digital and social media
Things you need to be aware of
How to protect your children
Why we're focusing on social media today
In the UK the average teenager checks their phone 210 times a day
Social media is the #1 activity they consume online
Social media is shaping their reputations, their opinions and the relationships they form
This is all new!
Health & wellbeing
How much time are your children spending online?
5 things...
Establish boundaries
Set parental controls
Keep talking
Watch the time
Be a parent
Time spent online
Respecting others
What sites they can access
Real user names
Permission to spend
By the time they reach year 7, 88% of students are regularly using social media
Common sense
Oversharing (digital footprint)
Image & identity
What is it?
68% of young people are affected by cyberbullying
Anonymous or abusive calls
Offensive, malicious, indecent content
Harass, stalk or bully
Engage with illegal content eg. Retweet
It happens to the best of us...
RBS Chairman
An unnamed CEO!
Your Digital Footprint
The Facts


of recruiters said they used search engines to find background data on candidates


admitted they eliminated a candidate because of what they found online
Something we debated with your children...
Debate: Should you be judged on something you did 10 years ago?
Sexting & revenge porn
Revenge porn is sexually explicit images or video that is distributed without the consent of the subject.
Our case study
Sending explicit content of yourself when you're under 18
Being in possession of an explicit image of someone who is under 18
Sharing an explicit image of someone without their consent
How to protect your digital footprint
1) Check security settings
2) Use nicknames
3) Delete old social profiles (MySpace, Facebook etc)
4) 'Report' content you want deleted to social networks. Or work with Google/the webmaster to get it deleted
5) Think before you post
68% are victims of security scams
Health & wellbeing
Ideal self vs real self
We're all brands
Why do we think this causes problems?
Now it's your turn...
Real-self vs ideal self
85% of young women say the way they portray themselves online is as who they want to be, not who they really are

Things to be aware of
Sexting and the law
Something we just wanted to mention...
Bromley High School
Digital Awareness UK
Why we love social media
Quiz time!
legal age?
The watcher
The involver
The free spirit
What do you think?
What's worked well for you?
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