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The Giver Chapter Summaries

No description

Tribe Fans

on 24 March 2012

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Transcript of The Giver Chapter Summaries

The Giver By Lois Lowry Chapter 1 An introduction to the rules of the community in general. The reader meets Jonas, the main
character, and starts to experience his life. Chapter 2 During chapter 2 the excitement and contents of The Ceremonies in December every year builds. The main character, Jonas is excited about his ceremony of twelve, where he will recieve his "assingment" or job. Chapter 3 Jonas's family unit recieves a temporary newchild named Gabriel that is just like Jonas. Later, while Jonas is tossing an apple he notices a change, but doesn't know what it is. Chapter 4 CHAPTER 4 Jonas's volunteer hours at the House of the Old start. Jonas enjoys talking to the Old and learning more about them. CHAPTER 5 Jonas starts to recieve "The Stirrings" which are romantic dreams. He is given pills for these dreams to stop them, because people don't pick spouses in their community CHAPTER 6 When the day of the ceremony comes, enthusiasm is in the air. Jonas's sister becomes an eight, and boredom rises in Jonas because the ceremony of twelve is the day after Lily's. CHAPTER 7 Jonas has his ceremony of twelve CHAPTER 7 The ceremony of twelve finally arrives,
but when it's Jonas's turn, the chief elder
skips him.Jonas thinks he did something wrong
and is embarrassed. CHAPTER 8 Jonas finds that his assignment is
being the new Receiver, the most important
of all assignments. Jonas was skipped
because of the such big assignment. CHAPTER 9 Jonas learns about the past receiver,
and why he was chosen for the honor. He is shocked by
the few rules and limitations of his job. CHAPTER 10 Jonas arrives at the Annex,
where his training is held, and looks around.
He also meets the giver, who will transmit memories
to Jonas's mind. CHAPTER 11 Jonas receives his first memory, of sledding down a snowy
hill. Nobody in his community has ever experienced snow,
so Jonas is thrilled at the sensation. CHAPTER 12 Jonas tells the Giver of a change he saw in his
friend Fiona's hair. After an experiment with the
sled memory, the Giver concluded that Jonas could
see color, which nobody else could. CHAPTER 13 Jonas starts to notice colors in his community. He tries
to transmit the memory of color to his friend Asher, but
Asher still can't see the color. CHAPTER 14 The Giver transmits the first memory of pain to Jonas.
The memory is of Jonas crashing on a sled ride, fracturing
his leg. He starts to give memories to Gabriel of peace, so he can
rest at night. CHAPTER 15 Jonas returns for another day of training to the Giver in distress.
He enters the Giver's dream, which was of warfare. Jonas is shocked
at the terrible experience. CHAPTER 16 The Giver transmits a memory of Christmas to Jonas,
and he experiences love. When he mentions the feeling
of love to his family, they think he is crazy.
CHAPTER A unscheduled holiday occurs, and Jonas goes
to play with his friends.
However, the game they play triggers
a memory of warfare, and Jonas becomes upset CHAPTER 18 Jonas learns about what happened to the past Receiver.
When the Giver tells Jonas that she was released, he wonders why.
The Giver tells him that she couldn't deal with the painful memories. CHAPTER 19 Jonas's father releases a child, and Jonas is curious what happens.
A horrible sensation overtakes him as he sees the child being killed. CHAPTER 20 Jonas is furious after learning about release. He spends the night with
The Giver and while they are talking, the Giver thinks of a plan, that allowed Jonas to escape to Elsewhere so the community could enherit
the memories that he had received. CHAPTER 21 Jonas starts on his quest to Elsewhere with Gabriel, because the child was to be released later that day. On his journey, he shares memories of cold with Gabe and himself, so they wouldn't get caught by the heatseeking search planes. CHAPTER 22 The landscape starts to change as Jonas's journey continues to Elsewhere.
Gabe and he start getting weak, and Jonas no longer cares about himself, but for the little child. CHAPTER 23 As Jonas starts to lose hope, a snowy hill appears up ahead.
He and Gabriel board a sled and ride down the hill to Elsewhere.
On the way down, Jonas heard music, which nobody else had
ever heard before.
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