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Church Intro

take 2

Paul Beisly

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Church Intro

Christ's compels us We have a dream God’s love for people
suffering has always
been part of our lives As youth pastors,
living in West Auckland,
we learned to walk
alongside people Now we live in the
vibrant city of
Kolkata We’ve heard women
in our new community
share their stories of
slavery. God’s heart burns for
these women
and now
he’s igniting
a fire in us. Christ’s love compels us to
act and share God’s
love and justice Will you dare to
dream with us? The last
2.5 years
have been
a crazy ride But we have a deepening peace
that this is our place to be We’ve been
learning language,
getting to know neighbours,
and exploring business
opportunities And as we linger here, a dream is rising
within us Our dream is to
challenge the
atrocity of
modern day
slavery Millions of people are
victims of human trafficking each year.
87% are trafficked for the
purpose of sexual exploitation.

(UNODC) Slavery is alive and well in our community.
Many girls are being trafficked here,
bought and sold as commodities So our next step of faith is to start a business
to offer jobs to women who are desperate
to escape the sex trade The business will become a sanctuary,
where God can begin
to restore their lives God has led
us to a dingy
red-light area
in central
Kolkata About 2000 women are
working the
streets of this dark place Our prayer:
May God use our presence,
to bring his light
to this darkness Will you
partner with us? help us to bring God’s
light, hope and love to
these beautiful women Sometimes the suffering in this city
is overwhelming But we believe that another world is possible Are you with us?
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