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Agency Comparison

No description

Samantha Clark

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Agency Comparison

Agency Comparison
Catholic Charities
Fair View Nursing Home

Similar tasks
Representative payee program and counseling for clients. Case Management
Catholic Charities has a list of referrals that have food pantries, Meals offered, Supportive Services that they would give to a client.

Fair View Nursing Home refers clients to other nursing homes, assisted living agencies, Home Health, ADRC, and other supportive agencies.

Bachelor’s Degree in H.S., Business Management or related field desired. Minimum of an Associate’s Degree in Business/Management or Social Work or equivalent experience will be considered. Experience-Min of 3 years’ experience

Bachelor's Degree in Social Services
How are the services similar and different
Rep. payee, People come and go
Meet client needs
Catholic Charities offers a majority of financial services.
Most services are free
Fair View Nursing Home offers medical assistance and rehabilitation.
How are referrals monitored
They record it in case notes.
Check progress if it is part of an action plan.

There is a list of referrals that are kept and are called on every week to check on the progress of each referral.

Different tasks
Budgeting/Financial management, Bankruptcy services, food pantry, Men’s clothing closet.
Physical rehabilitation, Medical assistance, Maintenance of ones abilities
How does the agency know they are effective
Outcome measurements, quality basis, Performance Quality Improvements.
Client Surveys
Able to maintain ones ability to complete daily tasks on their own.
Able to work with a client and maintain their abilities to return back to their homes or a place of least risk.
Similar limitations
Government Regulations
Strengths the agencies have in common
Advocate to improve a client's life.
Improve the quality of life, including financial.
How do these two agencies demonstrate cultural sensitivity?
Serve the undeserved populations and poverty stricken population, Diversity Training on annual basis.
Personal Care Plans ( Clients don't want African American, or Oriental workers, female clients don't want male caregivers, male clients don't want female caregivers. Clients religion and or spiritual beliefs are considered and allowed. All clients are able to participate in any activity.)
Thank you
Barbara Thompson
Samantha Clark
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