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The Contrarian's Guide to Leadership

Thinking Gray, Thinking Free

jodi kelly

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of The Contrarian's Guide to Leadership

Double click anywhere & add an idea Thinking Gray Contrarian Leaders think differently from the people around them Maintain intellectual independence Conventional wisdom = quick decisions = good managers, but we're not talking about managing. Judgements as to truth or falsity of information should be arrived at slowly The essence of thinking gray = don't form an opinion about an IMPORTANT matter until you've heard all the relevant facts or until circumstances force you to form an opinion. A first rate mind has the ability to hold two opposing throughts at the same time while still retaining the ability to function. F. Scott Fitzgerald Suspend you "binary" instinct.
Avoid the instinct to categorize things as: True or false Black or white Friend or foe Good or bad Like if you were a juror Typical view of leaders is someone who is decisive Dangers of binary thinking Do I ALWAYS have to think GRAY? NO, only for the weightiest decisions. But to do it when it is important, you have to practice...
so, how do you practice?
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