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The Royal Canadian Navy.

No description

Ethan Torres

on 27 October 2015

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Transcript of The Royal Canadian Navy.

The Royal Canadian Navy.
By : Cameron and Ethan
Facts About The Royal Canadian Navy
The Royal Canadian Navy was created/formed in 1910. The Royal Canadian Navy is a pretty long name so a short form that we came across was RCN. There is around 8,500 regular personal and around 5,100 reserve personal and around 5,300 civilians in the RCN.

Is There Any Women In The RCN ?
Canadian women first served in the RCN during the second world war. Women were recruited after the Women’s royal navy was launched in 1942 so that men would be available for more sea duties. At the end of the war there was around 6,000 women in the navy, and around 1,000 who served overseas.
What Kind of Ranks Are In The RCN ?
Subordinate : Naval Cadet

Junior Officers : Acting-Sub-Lieutenant, Sub-Lieutenant

Senior Officers : Lieutenant-Commander, Commander, Captain

Flag Officers : Commodore, Rear Admiral, Vice Admiral, Admiral
Guns And Weapons on RCN Ships .
The fleet of the Royal Canadian Navy consists of surface warships, submarines, and auxiliary vessels. Auxiliary vessels are ship's that is designed to operate in any number of roles supporting combat ships and other naval operations. But these ships do have some weapons for defensive purposes if needed to be used. Submarines are those boats that are able to go under the waters surface, and surface warships are ships that are made mostly just for war or attacking purposes. A cool fact about the RCN is that on August 5, 1914 the government bought the RCN first submarine which was the CC-1

There is Around 37 different kinds of weapons/guns on RCN ships. There is Tons of different ammunition for the different kinds of guns on the ships. The bullets could range from tiny bullets that fit in a pistol to bullets that are twice the size of a sniper rifle bullet.
How Has The RCN Affected Canada Today?
Why Is The RCN Important To Canadian History ?
We think that the RCN has affected Canada today because we think that if there was no RCN Then in world war 1 or any war, attacking enemy's could get to Canada by water. So if there was no water defense for Canada then Canada could have civilians killed by enemy's and Canada's history could have changed. So the RCN has Helped Canada so that today we could live your lives with peace.
Different Kinds Of Boats In The RCN.

Would The RCN Be Able To Defend Canada By Themselves
We think that the RCN is important to canadian history because we need ships on the water to fight back so the other country couldn't reach our land. If they got to our land they would of killed a lot of people who are innocent and took down a lot of our buildings. It is a good thing that we still have the navy. If we did not have the Royal Canadian Navy Canada would not be like what it is now.

We think that the RCN would not be able to defend Canada due to the little amount of ships and more. The RCN has only has 34 vessels compared to the U.S. which has 430 vessels, and 8 out of 34 vessels don't even have weapons on them. Also Canada has one of the biggest coast line in the world, yet the RCN has about 400 less vessels then U.S. . So if Canada were to get attacked by the water we only have around 26 ships to guard our coast which is humungous for 26 ships to cover. We think that our coats will be invaded due to not having enough ships to guard our coast, which means that not having enough ships to defend Canada. Plus our enemy's which are the Russians, have 73 submarines and 207 warships. So even our enemy's have more ships then Canada, so the RCN can not defend Canada against that many ships.
Watch this video if you wan to see the RCN sink a U.S. navy ship!!!
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