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The Durian Legend

No description

Bea Mendoza

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of The Durian Legend

The Durian Legend Setting Theme Plot Resolution Group Indebtedness
Perseverance Madayaw-bayho didn't love the ugly
king, so she ran away. Barom-mai seek help from the wise hermit. The wise hermit told him to find three things. The egg of the black tabon; twelve ladles of white carabao's milk; and the nectar from the flower of the tree-of- make believe. Barom-mai got those things easily with the help of some friends. He gave it to the hermit and the hermit mixed the three things and planted it. It grew into a durian tree. Barom-mai brought the fruit to his wife who ate it. She fell in love with the king after eating it. They successfully returned to their kingdom and feasted. But they forgot to invite the hermit. The hermit angrily said that the delicious fruit with offensive odor should be covered with thorns. Since then, the DURIAN fruit is thorny but delicious.


Davao City Calinan, King Barom-mai finds way to make her
love him. Characters Location Ligid, Talicud and Samal Barom-mai - an old and ugly King
Madayaw-bayho - daughter of Tageb
Matigam - loyal adviser of the King
Wise hermit - ordered the king to plant the mixture The King met the Hermit (with the help of Matigam) who told him to get 3 things to be mixed together and later planted it. It grew into DURIAN tree and have the wife ate it that she fell in love.
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