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Form, Shadow, Spirit

No description

Akshat Malkowthekar

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Form, Shadow, Spirit

Form, Shadow and Spirit By: Akshat Malkowthekar Ravi Sinha Kaavya Raman David Skildkraut Form Addresses Shadow Heaven and earth last. They'll never end.
Mountains and rivers know no seasons,

and there's a timeless law plants and trees
follow: frost then dew, vigor then ruin.

They call us earth's most divine and wise
things, but we alone are never as we are

again. One moment we appear in this world,
and the nest, we vanish, never to return.

And who notices one person less? Family?
Friends? They only remember some

everyday little thing you've left behind
pushes grief up to their eyes in tears.

I'm no immortal. I can't just soar away
beyond change. There's no doubt about it,

death's death. Once you see that, you'll
see that turning down drinks is for fools.
Our Interpretation •Things start with hardships, then life becomes easier

•While one may be in a great condition, it will eventually die

•The amount of time that humans exist in the world is nothing compared to the age of many other

•You are remembered only by what you left behind

•Those who pass on good opportunities are foolish

•Form wants to live forever because no one remembers people forever
Shadow Replies Who can speak of immortality when simply
staying alive makes such sad fools of us?
We long for those peaks of the immortals,
but they're far-off, and roads trail away
early. Coming and going together, we've
always shared the same joys and sorrows.
Resting in shade, we may seem unrelated,
but living out in the sun, we never part.
This togetherness isn't forever, though.
Soon, we'll smother in darkness. The body
can't last, and all memory of us also ends.
It sears the five feelings. But in our
good works, we bequeath our love through
generations. How can you spare any effort?
Though it may be true wine dispels sorrow,
How can such trifles ever compare to this? Our Interpretation •We attempt to reach goals that we cannot reach
•We all reflect the same thing
•We never can stick on one thing and be in sync
•Shadow says that you are going to die anyway so do something worth remembering Spirit Answers The Great Potter (god) never hands out favors.
These ten thousand things thrive each

of themselves alone. If humans rank with
heaven and earth, isn't it because of me?

And though we're different sorts of things
entirely, we've been inseparable since

birth, together through better and worse,
and I've always told you what I thought.

The Three Emperors were the wisest of men,
but where are they now? And loving his

eight-hundred-year life, old P'eng-tsu
wanted to stay on here, but he too set out.

Young and old die the same death. When it
comes, the difference between sage and fool

vanishes. Drinking every day may help you
forget, but won't it bring an early grave?

And though good works may bring lasting
joy, who will sing your praise? Listen--

It's never-ending analysis that wounds us.
Why not circle away in the seasons, adrift

on the Great Transformation, riding its vast
swells without fear or delight? Once your

time comes to an end, you end: not another
moment lost to all those lonely worries Our Interpretation •We must earn and accomplish what we want

•We can understand much more than what we think we can

•We all die the same way

•When we try to avoid the inevitable, it bears down upon us even greater

•Good deeds don’t ensure anything but happiness

•Our undoing is our worries and overworking

•Spirit says that everyone dies the same death, even the greatest of people died. You cannot rely on God for favors and therefore must work and perform your own acts that make you remembered in memory. aoism
and T'ao Ch'ien T'ao Ch'ien
T’ao Ch’ien was born into a family of well-known but poor family government officials. When he was an adult, he began to work for the government as well, but since he found it difficult to comply with the requirements of the higher-ranking officials all the time, he resigned at the age of thirty five and retired to a rural village. He was inspired by the peacefulness of the countryside and began to write poems about the beauty of it all. His poetry reflects love for his favorite pastimes—farming, spending family time, and writing poetry.
Taoism Taoism is mainly concerned with the relationship between humanity and nature. Human beings are seen as equals to all other creatures. It also teaches that one should withdraw from society and live in simplicity. There are two main types of Taoism: “Philosophical Taoism” and “Religious Taoism,” although they are not as strongly distinguished anymore. Philosophical Taoism focuses on the philosophical writings of writers such as Lao-Tzu and Chuang-Tzu, while religious Taoism focuses more on obtaining immortality and emphasizing religious rituals. Our Poem The flowers rise up from the ground. Living is their purpose now.
The trees stand over them. To be motherly and protective is their purpose now.
Grass sways back and forth in the amiable breeze,
while the dewdrops say goodbye with a leap of bittersweet emotion.
The wind provides a loving embrace to those who long for it,as it watches the field spring to life.
Shadows stretch here and there, scaring the gentle plants
with their long limbs and eerie appearance.
Mother Oak says, Don’t be afraid children,
I am here to protect you,
The shadows are evil, but scared themselves.
They do not attempt to approach you,
For I am there to protect you. Stay close to me my children.
We shall thrive and be joyous, and soon may you spread your petals
and live in peace. My children, remember,
you must live as one.
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