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A Self-Introduction To Eric Xing

No description

Eric Xing

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of A Self-Introduction To Eric Xing


An energetic guy
I’m energetic, and I usually don't go to sleep before 12 pm. Because my inspiration just appears in the night. So I have to wait it till midnight to realize my ideas.

The memory

The most valuable memory in my college life is about Sias Ballroom Dancing Club. I study there, work there, get fun from there.
22, Sias, English
He likes all kinds challenging things except study textbooks. But now he is trying to do it!


losing weight

Striving for find a ideal job
I comes from Zhoukou, a small but sweet city of Henan Province.
My hometown is in the middle east of Henan Province.
Three years ago, a small earthquake attacked my hometown.
It looks undeveloped, short buildings, narrow streets.
But this picture comes from a few years ago.
Now my hometown is getting better. It is becoming modern and convenient.I love my hometown because lived there for 20 years.

Zhoukou is located in southeast of Zhengzhou.
A long time ago, a boatman whose last name is Chow. He took people from side to side of this river.
his son
and grandson
all became boatmen. Day after day, the family chow became famous in this area. Everybody knew there was a boatmen family on the side of the river, so they call this place as “Chow’s Ferry”.
Sunny Fu
I'd like to introduce my club life to you. In the first winter holiday in Sias , I was invited to join ballroom dancing winter training by Sunny Fu.
Then I learned many dance skills in there, and decide to stay in
the club. When I was a student in the club, I have learned how
to dance.
Take Birthday party and
eat hot pot in our office…
Also, I met a lot nice friends in the club,
some friends that I can cooperate with
and understand each other.
When I became a sophomore, I was a teacher in the club. I have learned how to organize people, manage things, and handle problems. It's a very important achievement for me.
Ballroom dancing club has changed me a lot, made me became better, and made my university life meaningful. I have 2 meaningful winter and summer holidays, and two years busy but substantial ballroom dancing career. That's wonderful.
This is me, a real me!
Thanks for your time!

Hello, fellows!
200 KM
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