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The Hounds of Fate

No description

Rebecca Noggle

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of The Hounds of Fate

The Hounds of Fate Martin Stoner is a homeless man that gets mistaken for a man named Tom. The actual Tom did something that angered his family, and the town. Stoner pretends to be Tom and lives in his home for several months. One evening, they send him to Punchford to hide from a man named Michael Ley who wants to kill him. Stoner left and decided not to return as Tom. As he was riding away Michael Ley killed him. Martin Stoner is homeless, hungry, and tired.
He has no family. As Martin is walking he comes to an old farmhouse. When he knocked on the door to see if they would sell him some milk, the manservant mistakes him for his old master Tom. Stoner pretends to be Tom and stays in the house. Tom did something that angered his family and the village people. Michael Ley returns to the village and wants to kill Tom. They send Stoner to Punchford so he won't be killed. As Stoner is riding away, he decides not to return as Tom. He decides to find some work and get a fresh start. As Stoner is riding away from the farmhouse, he gets distracted thinking about his future and doesn't see Michael Ley under a tree. Michael Ley shoots and kills him. Plot Garrulous- talkative, gabby, or chatty Exchequer- a royal or national treasury Extremity- the furthest point or limit of something Torpor- a state of physical or mental inactivity Doddering- a tremble or totter (typically because of old age) Vocabulary! Characters Martin Stoner- the main character in the story. In the beginning he was homeless, tired and dirty. In the story he pretends to be a man named Tom and in the end, gets shot by a man named Michael Ley. Old George- is the withered- looking old man that allowed Stoner into his house. He fed him and let him stay for a couple months. Michael Ley- is the guy that shoots and kills Stoner. Conflicts Man vs. Man
Michael Ley shot Martin Stoner The Hounds of Fate is written in Third Person Limited. It only gives Martin Stoner, the main character, thoughts and feelings. Protagonist- Martin Stoner
Antagonist- Michael Ley Theme: You shouldn't pretend to be someone you are not. Changing who you are won't help you get away from your problems.
Martin Stoner pretends to be a man named Tom. Michael Ley thinks that Stoner is Tom and shoots him. Theme Setting The Hounds of Fate takes place on a rainy Fall day, in an old farmhouse. Tone Tone of the story is very solemn. The characters are very serious, angry and sad. Point of View By Saki
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