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OB Field Project Prezi

No description

Kayley Lankinen

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of OB Field Project Prezi

Prior to productization:
Research department 2 layers
Single leader manager
48 employees
New organizational design:
11 self-managing groups
No change in chain of command
Manager maintain authoritative position over self-managed teams
Work in Health Care Marketing & Sales field
Marketing & Communications Manager since September 2000 Interviewee: Nancy Grab Tasks & Roles in the Organization
Managing new market department & publishing teams, reporting & intelligence
Branding initiative:
Visual supports
Design elements
Corporate brochure
Supplementary materials
Format information articles Tasks & Roles in the Organization
Copyright & permission laws
Negotiating contracts with 120 vendors
Customers satisfaction, CRM software
Exhibiting conferences
Marketing channels Introduction to Organizational Behavior Field Project Industry Analysis Interviewee: Nancy Grab Problem Analysis Recommendations

Reduced commission pools
The end of the global settlement
Difficult economic environment
pressure on execution fees

Shift from the perpetual market pumping of the 20th century Post Lawsuit 2003 Conflict of Interest Lawsuit
10 largest brokers
1.4 Billion dollar settlement

- Partially went towards Independent research
- Forced to disclose business relationships

Prior to 2003

Independent research was marginalized

Dealers and Banks had internal research

Poor Incentive structure 1. Dealers
2. Investors
3. Researchers
4. Regulators The Four Key Players Research Ned
Florida Eddie
Atlanta Independent Research Industry established

Move towards honest and democratized info Very generalist
One large product
Rely on Collaboration between employees Old model More targeted approach to product segmentation

Restructure into smaller teams based on the differentiation of the product Recommendations Act as experts to their respective investment criterion
Cater products exclusively to target market
More specialized knowledge among products
Continue to be paid based on profit share but only from specific profits New Teams Changes will not affect the number of people working under the research manager
Relies on the trust of knowledgeable employees
New teams formed with the introduction of new products Span of Control 11 self managing teams working on a specific product
Chain of command remains unchanged
Head of research continues to have an authoritative position

solutions range from macro to micro
provides a more complete investment picture
Research composes of technical, quantitative, and fundamental analysis
NDR uses more than 200 data vendors
Access to more than 10 million data series Continued this process until 2009
Euromoney buys NDR in 2010
Closes sales office in Atlanta
Research, IT, marketing & operations: Florida
New management appointed NDR History Sales and research offices were separated
Difficult to communicate
Follow same guidelines, business models
Research dept. sold to sales dept.
Sales dept. sold to clients NDR History Independent research and investing firm
Founded in 1980 by Ned Davis and Eddie Mendel
Over 1,110 clients across 6 continents The Research Department COO & head strategist - Robert Schuster
48 strategists
Simple structure
1 core product Low degree of departmentalization
Wide spans of control
Authority centralized on a single person
Little formalization
Difficult to maintain in anything other than small organizations Simple Structure Changes at NDR - Post Euromoney 2010
Closed sales office in Atlanta
In Florida:
Productization introduced About the Company Financial magazine publishing company
Training and managerial seminars
Daily Mail and General Trust
Market cap: 120B GBP Research Methodology Research Solutions * Clients are granted open-access * Core Issues Structure = unchanged
Task separation
NDR identity
Temporary & insecure staff
"Togetherness" dynamic
Profit share Company Description M-TANK:
Alex Szasz
Tian Yi Chu
Maxime Riahi
Kayley Lankinen
Nitel Kapoor M-TANK:
Alex Szasz 260451559
Tian Yi Chu 260516496
Maxime Riahi 260444659
Kayley Lankinen 260534412
Nitel Kapoor 260534604 Chain of Command Questions?????
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