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Advanced Resumes & Cover Letters - The Citadel Career Center

Developed for School of Business Mentor Association Meeting

Page Tisdale

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of Advanced Resumes & Cover Letters - The Citadel Career Center

Sample Resumes

Resume Tips
Cover Letter

Advanced Cover Letters
Resume formats
Advanced Resumes & Cover Letters
Transferable Skills
Special Training:
Cover Letters
Save the letter
“your name employer name position title” or something similar (but include your name). i.e. “Timothy Hall, The Citadel, Senior Industry Consultant letter”

Reuse the letter
Start with your original letter if the position is similar
Perform research and analyze the new job description

Change the content to reflect the new position description
Save the new version
Write, Edit & Re-use
A brief and relevant description of your background (1-2 sentences)
Mention your referral (if you have one)
Synopsis of why are you qualified (“thesis” statement)

Body Paragraphs
One to three body paragraphs
Discuss your (interests), skills, experience and education relevant to THIS position
Why do you want this job? (shared in the context of how and why you would you add value in this position. Not, why it would be good move for you).
Keep in mind when outlining your letter…Why should this employer hire you over other applicants? Is your letter persuasive?

Ask for an interview
Share your contact information
Thank the reader for his/her time

Research, Analyze & Brainstorm:

Write & Edit
The Process of Creating a Cover Letter

Be concise! It is more difficult to be brief

Outline your thoughts before you begin writing

Strive for great writing and limit your flair embellishments

Proofread (get a friend to proofread as well) before you send
General Business Writing Tips

To share your interest, skills, experience, and education relevant to the position to which you are applying
To share how you will add value in this position and to the potential employer
To share your referral connection

The purpose is NOT to restate your resume
or to share why you will benefit from the job

What is the purpose of a Cover Letter?

Develop your resume using the job description.

Use some of the EXACT wording and language from the posting.

Quantifiers and qualifiers—gives detail and context to your experience.

Tailor your resume to each job description

Leadership Courses, Class Projects, Research and Volunteer Experience can be included!

Resume Tips

Sample #1
Tailor your resume to the application

Sample #2
Tailor your resume to each job application
Resume Format
what's wrong with this resume?


Resourceful – you naturally know how to find answers and are not afraid to ask for help. 

Communicative – you excel in listening and writing with a strong attention to detail 

Organized – you are skilled with managing multiple deadlines and working with minimal supervision 

Creative – you know how to give constructive feedback to make course materials engaging, educational, and exciting for students

Project management experience  Logical mind and positive attitude 

Ability to handle unforeseen difficulties and obstacles with ease 

Ability to explain technical concepts clearly and concisely
Passionate about 21st century education!
Planning meetings by setting goals and agendas, and taking and circulating minutes.

Identify the marketing collateral required and ensure artwork is approved and produced. Brief the photographer.

Manage social media during the event to ensure prominent messaging on Twitter. Support the team with media planning e.g. news releases, Q&A documents. Provide support at the weekend of the show itself; e.g. provide information to visitors and media. After the show, write the UK website update. Work with the PR agency to put together the report of media coverage after the show; Internal Monthly Newsletter, liaise with all parts of the UK business to gather all relevant information, update, write and issue the monthly newsletter that is distributed to all UK employees at the end of each month;

Internal weekly communications, update the weekly Whats Hot document and Weekly Highlights email; Media monitoring, monitor online news stories about Boeing and competitors daily and highlight any items of note.

Work with the PR agency to gather all monthly clips and formulate monthly report on coverage; Social media monitoring - monitor social media platforms for mentions of Boeing and competitors daily and highlight any items of note; Any other duties reasonably expected by managers for the role.

Requisition Number
Select a job description to which you want to apply.
Potential employer (company)
Hiring manager
Position—what qualities/experience does the employer seek?
Making your Resume match a Job Description
Understanding Online Applications
The Cover Letter and other Professional Correspondence
Resume Blitz MCH Fri 12:30-2:30

Drop-in Hours- The Citadel Career Center Mon-Thurs 1:00-3:00 Mon-Thurs

Weekly Help Sessions
Top 10 Skills & Qualities Important to Employers
– Teamwork
– Strong Verbal communication skills
– Decision making/Problem Solving
– Ability to obtain & process information
– Organizational skills & ability to prioritize

2012 National Association of Colleges & Employers (NACE) Job Outlooks Survey
– Analytical skills
– Technical knowledge (related to the job)
– Computer software proficiency
– Strong written communication skills (reports, editing)
– Strong influencing and/or sales skills
I hope this is the one!
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