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Larry Stylinson Proof

No description

Abbi ok thats it

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Larry Stylinson Proof

Larry Stylinson Proof
To Start You Need To Understand What Elounor Is
Just A Few Of What Modest! Have Done
This Is Elounor
They Look Happy?
Louis doesn't smile the same when he is with Eleanor it's more of a 'forced' smile. He doesn't crinkle his eyes or anything it's just a forced smile.
They Also PhotoShop Pictures.
take this for example
Now lets get to LARRY!!!!
In a Recent Interview
sorry for the face but in a recent interview Liam and Harry were asked what they look for in a girl. Liam replied jokingly "a female" and Harry said.
This Is Louis' House
Doesn't Louis and Harry Look Happy
Every Time Elounor or Larry Rumors go Around There Are Aways New Elounor Pic
Suspending Accounts
They suspend accounts that prove Larry is real. But people who post Ziam, Narry, etc. proof, dont get suspended. If Larry was really fake, they wouldn't be suspending accounts.
It is Louis and his girlfriend Eleanor Calder's Ship.
A ship is pretty much supporting people in their relationship
What is a Ship?
Is This
Like This
Also is this the same Louis
point proven
look its Justin Bieber
if you look closley at the beach one Eleanor has 3 arms
But that's not it....
Their lips aren't even touching. What they are doing is known as a stage kiss where you kiss above or below the lips and Eleanor is looking straight into the camera as if they're being watched
not to mention the birthday tweet that was sent a minute after liam tweeted. He is in a deep sleep if liam can put sugar on his legs
Finally there's her
This girl works for Modest! and she is always around the 2. weird right?
Point proven
it's fake.
Lets start of with their matching tattoos
so many that are related to each other right?
The Missing Larry Tweets
-Twitter deleted all Larry tweets and Twitter and Modest! "don't have a explanation why" hmmm that sounds like a lie to me. Magazines wrote about it and finally everything was restored and magazines were told to take down everything. The first erased was no other but
This Is Harry's Car
Harry Posted This On Instagram
Wow Harry I thought Modest! said that you two weren't even close anymore one more lie Modest! have told
isn't that weird?
side note what is that
It's weird right? Louis acts so different with Harry than his own GIRLFRIEND!!!!!
With all this evidence I think Larry is real and Modest! is trying to cover it up
Also Harry's own friend Nick Grimshaw that has openly said that Modest! has tried to cover up his and Harry's friendship. He has outed Harry many times and also Louis infact. He tweeted a photo, making fun of "Elounor" and people still thinking "Larry" is fake.
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