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ROSIE E. Fahrenheit 451 Music Playlist

No description

Rosie Eldridge

on 26 January 2015

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Transcript of ROSIE E. Fahrenheit 451 Music Playlist

Fahrenheit 451

Music Playlist by:
Rosie Eldridge
Song 2 Background
This song was released in 2007 which was the band's first active year. It is a rather modern day song and has a unique musical style. The tone of the song contains a happy message with a beautiful instrumental. The audience is for people who are hoping to get a positive theme out of the song.
Song 3 Background
Let's Go by: Matt and Kim
Song 4 Background
Everything Has Changed by: Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran
Song 5 Background
Brave by: Sara Bareilles
Song 1 Background

Fire Starter by: Demi Lovato
Music Playlist
By: Ray Bradbury
(Music plays in background) (turn sound on)
This song represents the artist's individuality in her music. She stands out, getting attention from her actions. It is a modern day song from an album written in 2013. The tone is very motivating. The audience is geared mostly towards young adults.
Song 1 Connection
Fire Starter
can be connected to the novel by the scene in which the first witnessed burning takes place. The song title and lyrics made me think of Montag's mindset as the books went up into flames. Words like "embers", "flames", "light", and "melt" are used in both. In the song Demi mentions "I am free". I believe that literature creates the same feelings for Montag in which he feels free.
It's Not My Fault I'm Happy
By: Passion Pit
Song 2 Connection
It's Not My Fault I'm Happy
can be connected to the novel by the scene in which Montag meets Clarisse. I feel that this song expresses Clarisse's thoughts that she shares with Montag. In the book she says "I'm still crazy. The rain feels good. I love to walk in it." This is similar to the song when they sing "It's not my fault, I'm happy
Don't call me crazy, I'm happy." Both the band and Clarisse agree that the most important thing is happiness.

Song 3 Connection
Song 4 Connection
Song 5 Connection
This song was released in 2013 by a songwriter active since 2002. This song puts just about everyone in a happy mood because of the wonderful lyrics. It gives beneficial advice on how to step up to the plate and be brave in the world. The song is a modern day piece and has a super upbeat tone. The audience has no restrictions. This song is for everyone.
can be connected to the novel by the scene at the end of the book in which Montag wants to continue on and reach the city. His courage is similar to the message in the song telling people to be brave. Montag says, "I'll hold on to the world tight some day. I've got one finger on it now; that's a beginning.” This relates to Sara's positive message from the song.

This song is a perfect balance of indie and rock creating a sweet blend of music. Matt and Kim have been a collaboration since 2004. The mood of this song is very exciting and makes most feel carefree and most certainly content. The audience is mostly for young adults. You can tell that the music is from modern day because of the advanced musical trend.
Let's Go
can be connected to the novel by the scene in which Montag and Faber are covering up evidence in order to escape from the Mechanical Hound. I thought this song was a fun way to imagine their escape by one saying to another, "Let's go!" like mentioned in the song. There is adrenaline rush in both the song and this part of the story, which makes it very exciting. "Say what you wanna say make it mean everything", this represents the goal of Montag and Faber's situation.
This song combines folk and pop music genres from the voices of 2 commonly known songwriters. The tempo really creates a strong mood of joy. This song is for just about everyone. This 2013 hit is a great modern day collaboration. Taylor and Ed have a very mature sound complimenting each others voices.
Everything Has Changed
flatters the main theme of the novel, regarding change. The song relates to the whole journey throughout the book. Montag changes for the better by doing what he feels is right. The song shows the work of 2 people working together and Clarisse's ever lasting impact on Montag is similar.
How the dystopian world of my novel changes the way I view the world...
I view the world a bit differently after reading the novel, Fahrenheit 451. I now know that certain people have a very strong impact even if they haven't been a part of someone's life for a very long time. Throughout the story Montag sacrifices a bunch in order to reach his dreams which can be questionable by many. Now I know a situation in which someone like Montag might find this beneficial. This book has altered my view of the world slighty.
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