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Redefining the Human: A Middle School Perspective

A middle school perspective on how humans and humanity is being redefined. This is a Digital Artefact for: E-learning and Digital Cultures on Coursera.

Brian Furgione

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Redefining the Human: A Middle School Perspective

So as humanity is being redefined…

...so too are the youth of our society. Vintage Middle School Student 2013 Middle School Student To begin...I would like to explain my perspective. The perspective of a seventh grade civics teacher in the United States. Who teaches prepubescent, hormonally imbalanced 12 year olds who are completely and totally invested in and engrossed with technology. Who teaches prepubescent, hormonally imbalanced 12 year olds who are completely and totally invested in and engrossed with technology. Who are much more excited to see the new update of Apple’s iPhone iOS than to study Baron de Montesquieu’s theories on government. Our society has rapidly transformed, and so have our students. From looking like this... To this... Having digital presence is no longer optional…it is a necessity to survive in a middle school classroom in the United States...it has become as much a part of being human as attending class. Human and digital have become inseparable. Especially in school The new student is almost always plugged in… To a phone… A game system… The app store... It is being defined by the amount Twitter followers you have… Or likes on a Facebook post you’ve made… Or quests you've completed on World of Warcraft... Being human is truly no longer JUST a physical state...my middle schoolers will tell you. Being Human and Education are evolving...and as they are, our students are helping us to redefine what it means to "be human" and what "education" is... Students are placing as much importance on their digital image... ...as they are on their physical one... Education now entails the student to learn outside of the classroom and inside a digital realm. We are redefining humanity. Whether it is on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube or Coursera... We are all working together to build something bigger than our individual selves... We are coming together to build
a world completely devoid of physical
boundaries. A world that lets a person
learn at any moment and be almost
anything with a few clicks of a mouse. I am glad to have an impact on how
it will be written. Redefining the Human...
A Middle School Perspective We are redefining education... Education and Humanity are being redefined...
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