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cultural differences in advertising

No description

Yui Kimura

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of cultural differences in advertising

GK1160 Yui Kimura cultural differences
in advertising What I'm going to talk... contents
01. What is Cultrual difference?

02. some examples
*religious ads
*comparative ads
*restriction ads
*humourous/creative ads

03. conclusion Cultural Differences... *The variations in the way of life,
beliefs, traditions and laws
between different countries,
religions, societies and people. restricted ad in Japan

we CAN watch (many) Beer commercials on TV.
Japanese Tv has NO restriction about beer.

in America
there is a law about broadcasting a "Drinking beer" commercial. so this Commercial is made WITHOUT BEER. but we could understand what product they want to endorsement. this is a clever idea. comparative ad THANK YOU FOR LISTENING :) Beer Commercial conclusion The ad features a little boy who has
McDonald's lunch stolen by bullies every day.
Eventually he disguises the lunch in a Burger King bag. Then Problem solved.
No one wants his lunch anymore.

Buger King is upset and McDonald's
pull this CM from TV. McDonald's is better than BugerKing in Germany religious ad focus on Iraq shampoo ad soap ad shoes ad humorous / creative ad *Advertising reflects the culture.

*Advertising needs to adjust and consider the various countries culture,religion, laws and Education level. examples these cultural differences
affect advertising in many ways.

ex. styles(size,length)
sence of humor shampoo ads Strong expression closswalk world cup
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