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The Pro-Ana Diet

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torie kunath

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of The Pro-Ana Diet

The Pro-Ana Diet
Pro-Ana Beliefs
Many people all over the internet are huge supporters of Pro Ana. There are tons of blogs, tips, and pictures explaining how to let "Ana" take over your life.
Pro-Ana diet Vs. The Canadian Food Guide
A Healthy Alternative
There are many healthy ways to lose weight, the Pro-Ana diet is not a recommended or healthy way to do so. Instead of looking at food as an enemy, we should look at food as a fuel for our bodies. Regardless of what Pro-Ana websites may say, we do need calories, and some types of fat to live.
So What Would You Choose?
What Is the Pro-Ana Diert?
The Pro-Ana diet is a diet that promotes anorexia and treats Anorexia as a life choice. The diet includes avoiding food and finding ways to avoid high calorie food. Anorexia is a serious mental illness and the Pro-Ana diet is very unhealthy. There are many Pro-Ana websites that promote it and boards called "Thinspiration" post pictures of very skinny girls and models in order to provide inspiration for weight loss.
Tips such as...
Wear a wristband. Every time you have the urge to eat snap it on your wrist.
Friends will only get in the way, avoid them until you reach your goal.
Remember how disgusting fat is.
If you are having hunger pains hit the lower part of your stomach.
Don't swallow food, spit it out.
Eat in front of a mirror naked.
The Pro-Ana diet is the polar opposite of the Canadian Food Guide. Pro-Ana websites promote eating as little as possible so that they can achieve a "perfect skinny body". The Canadian Food Guide promotes eating healthy, involving the 4 food groups; the 4 food groups are dairy, grain, protein and fruits and vegetables.
Which Diet Is Better For You?

The Canadian Food guide is by far much better for you mentally and physically. The long term dieting of the Pro-Ana diet can lead to hospitalization, heart failure, other forms of mental illnesses and in some extreme cases, death.
Stomping Out Thinspritaion
Pro-Ana websites post many 'inspiration boards' known in the Ana world as Thinspirtaion. These boards contain pictures of supermodels, airbrushed faces and girls that are practically skin and bones. Thinspirtaion boards are very manipulative because they lead people to think that this is an ideal, healthy, perfect body. We need to learn to embrace the bodies that we were born with and not starve ourselves to be skinny. If we follow a healthier diet choice, like the Canadian Food Guide, we can live healthy lives with out avoiding food.
Canadian Food Guide
- Starving yourself
-Wanting anorexia as a lifestyle
- Consuming a healthy amount of food
-Having a healthy lifestyle, where food doesn't control your life
-Giving away your life to support your anorexia
-Setting yourself up for a life of mental illness (anorexia is a mental illness)
-Health problems
-Allowing yourself to sometimes indulge in desserts
-No health problems due to malnutrition.
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