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Poetry Unit Design

7th grade writing Hillsboro Jr. High

Heather Landrum

on 27 June 2016

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Transcript of Poetry Unit Design

Heather Landrum
7th grade writing
Hillsboro Jr. High

Poetry Unit Design
Getting to know my "who"
Content and Substance
Picture of Success
The Work
The Design
Mentor Texts
7.15B Write a poem using poetic techniques
(rhyme scheme/ meter), figurative language,
(personification/idiom/hyperbole), and graphic elements.
Students create an original poem of value to them, which expresses their thoughts and feelings.
"Who" Spec Sheet
Concepts: Figurative language/ rhyme
Skills: write a poem/ use a poetic technique
Processes: writing process
Poetry SLAM
"I've been looking forward to today, like all day!!"
-Sydney, 7th grade student
"I loved class today!"
-Ronald, 7th grade student
"Can we do this again next week?"
-Madison, 7th grade student
Students' scrapbook pages displayed in the classroom.
"Can we invite our teachers from HIS?"
-Natalie, 7th grade student
Student-created rubric!!
The classroom was transformed into a coffe house.
Poets after the SLAM with their waitress, Mrs. Landrum
Heather Landrum
Hillsboro ISD
Hillsboro, TX
"What is Poetry?" -performed by Zeke
"Cracks in the Sidewalk" -performed by Brianna
"Tumbling" -performed by Hannah
"This is my third year teaching 7th grade, and each year I've taught poetry differently. This year, though, I didn't teach poetry, I taught my kids, and that made ALL the difference!! They wrote at a higher level and were engaged in the work that I asked them to do. I couldn't have been more proud of them!!"
-Heather Landrum
Hillsboro ISD
Some students chose to represent their original poem in Glogster.
Some students chose to use Animoto to create a video that represented their original poem.
Some students chose to create a scrapbook page to represent their original poem.
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