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food dumping aid maintain poverty

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ammar juma

on 29 November 2015

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Transcript of food dumping aid maintain poverty

food dumping aid maintain poverty
food dumping and maintain poverty is cause by
buying more they need
eating more they need
throw food out
When the poor countries free trade it's not free or fair. For example Haiti did a free trade with
United States and lost alot of money and the country got into worse state then it was previously in. In 1986 Haiti imported just 7000 tons of rice. In the U.S the rice industry subsidized. Haiti was importing 196,000 tons of foreign rice at the cost of $100 million a year. Haiti stop protecting its domestic agriculture because in U.S rice industry so that 40% of rice will growers.

1.what can Haiti do so they can not food dumping and maintain?

They can ask United state to lower the prices
2.Should Haiti put the rice money high?
No because it will cause poverty in Haiti
3.Should Haiti even trade with the U.S?
Yes because if they become rich they are going
need machine forU.S so they can stay rich
the fist source

When poor counties free market dogma can be found all over the developing world.In world 43 percent of the rural population of Thailand now lives below the poverty line and 65 percent of agricultural exports grew in 1985and 1995. 95 percent of the rural population earned less than a dollar day which cause poverty because they will not have enough money to pay for food.In a area under rice,corn and cut flowers increase 350 000 rural livelihoods. A number of growing corn,beans and rice the stapler of local diet fell from 70 000 to 27 000 and that loss of 42 3000 livelihood.
second source
1.what can poor counties do about food dumping so they can no poverty?
They can start to harvesting there own food

2.what can rich counties do to help food dumping and maintain?
Rich country could guide them so they could make there own food/market by education them.
3.why should poor counties stop free market?
That lead to starvation because not everyone has a farm so there own be money going around
About 830 million hungry people world wide and a third of them live in India. Yet in 1999 the India government had 10 million tons of supple food; rice,wheat and so on. It instead of giving the supple food to the hungry and the India government was hoping to export the grain to make money. The India government stopped buying gran forms its own farms leaving them destitute which maintain poverty to the farms . And the government burn their cops in their field, if they had debt to purchase expensive. At the same India government was buying form carving and other Americana corporation.
third source
1.What should India people do to the government so they can not go into poverty ?

Switch the government to there who will help them
2. What can framers do about their jobs.
Framers have no choices but to say also they should fight for there right
this all go in order.
example; when someone does not go DQueen long time, so they buy more they need which than go eating more than need which when they get full and there is two bits they will throw it away.
My Thought
My thought is that food dumping is not good because poor people get even hugrier than they are. If food dumping continues, it will be harder to find food. This is an issue because it is wasting food that can be given to hungry people around the world. So the issue is over consumption.
Conservatives email.com


ammar juma kingjuma306@gmail.com
Apr 12 (2 days ago)

To stenphen.harper, Michael.tarrant
My name is Ammar Juma and I will ask some question on food dumping and maintains poverty. Please email me back by monday because this is a summative and to my teacher needs it by then.What do you you think about food dumping and maintains poverty? 2. How does your party plan on stopping this issue?
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