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Family History Project

No description

Casey Gossman

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Family History Project

Gossman/Stedron Family Tree Joseph's last name is not supposed to be Stedronsky, notice his father's name is not listed. The Catholic church did not approve of his father so he was considered a "illegitimate child" and had to be given his mom's last name with the father's name being erased from all records. Dad: William Gene Gossman Born: March 15, 1963
DuQuoin, Illinois Pinckneyville High School Growing Up in Pinckneyville, IL William "Bud" Gossman San Diego, California Springfield, IL Casey Jordan Gossman
6lbs 7oz
October 25, 1991 Dad graduates Medical School Naperville, IL Sheryl Lynn Stedron
September 28, 1963
Bountiful, Utah Life In Simi Valley, CA Simi Valley High School Morton, Illinois Taylor Nicole Gossman
June 13, 1994
Peoria, IL Bill & Sherry Get Married
January 3, 1987
Simi Valley, CA Sequoia Junior High School Tolman Elementary School Joseph Stedronsky June 24, 1874
Nevezice, South Bohemia, Czech Republic
Died: 1960, Chicago, Illinois Edward and Vlasta Joseph Pokornik February 24, 1897
Lipov, South Moravia, Czech Republic #234
June, 1971 Berywn, Illinois August 18, 1906
Chicago, Illinois
Died: May 29, 1989, Dupage, IL May 20, 1909, Illinois
March 7, 1987, Pinckneyville, IL Farragut High School, Chicago, IL Morton West High School Harrison High School Cripple Creek House
December 24, 1937
November 5, 1960 Ron Gossman Sr. Letter to Grandma
Chicago, 1958 Death Certificate Marriage to Cristel Sommers
(My biological paternal Grandmother) Gladys "Odessa" Bagget March 24, 1926, Erin TN
January 1, 2005, Pinckneyville, IL !910 Census Line 34
Fritz, Josephine, Vera and William "Bud" Gossman 1940 Census Line 37: Bud, Cleora, Wardena, Ronald 1920 Census Line 52: Fritz, Josephine, Bud and his 5 siblings 4 Generations of Gossmans Joseph, along with his mother, father, and 7 out of his 11 siblings came to America on a ship named Wandrahm, out of Hamburg to Montreal and settled in Chicago. Ship's manifest, 1891 Joseph is always facing that way because he blew out his eye when he was a child with a firework Great Great Grandfather Great Grandfather Photos take at the Chicago World's Fair 1933 Filomena "Tillie" Baumruk Stedron Interesting fact: Sherry was the first "Stedron" in her family. The original name is Stedronsky but during a mix up during the immigration & naturalization process, Stedronsky was changed to a more "American" name. Josef's entrance to Ellis Island from the Auquitana, July 14, 1923. Anna remained in Czechoslovakia until 1930. Josef went to stay with a sister in Toledo, OH but shortly after became a steel factory worker in Chicago. Josef's Naturalization Confirmation, January 7, 1932 Anna's family in Czechoslovakia Great Grandfather Bruno Slomski/Sommers July 13, 1902
Dietrichsdorf, Kreis Stuhm, Prussia
June 19, 1976
Hanover Germany Great Grandfather Bruno, my father's maternal grandfather, came over from Germany in 1923 and became a barber in Royalton, IL. He there meets Violet and they marry. They have their first three girls in Illinois and move back to Germany during the Great Depression. There they had 2 more girls, including my grandmother, Christel. The family changed their last name from Slomski, a Polish name, to Sommers, a German name, to avoid arrest but he was then forced to enlist in the German Army. Once the war was over Violet came back with all 4 girls and Bruno was in a ally prison camp in France. He was not allowed back in America until the late 1960's. Christel Sommers
April 28, 1936
Ryjewo, Pomorskie, Poland 1948 Passenger list entering New York City
(Take Notice: If Christel is said to have no brothers why is there a 7 month old boy listed?) Mom attends Point Loma Nazarene
Dad attends San Diego State after the Navy Mom's dorm view! Mom graduates nursing school Dad accepted to Southern Illinois University's Medical school in Carbondale Mom made me a matching graduation gown so I could go on stage with Dad! Baclav Baumruk, Tillie's father was murdered under "suspicious circumstances" in Chicago in the 1930's. He was found beaten to death in an alley and the case remains unsolved. The family always believed it was mob related. Anna was an excellent baker. However, he famous recipes died with her because she made everything by memory!
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