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I...pad English!

No description

Ferronato Chiara

on 2 October 2016

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Transcript of I...pad English!

I...pad English!
Presentation Apps:

• Prezi
• Haiku Deck
• Keynote

How to share, sync and back up files:

• Dropbox
• Google Drive

Note Taking:

• Evernote
• SketchNotes
• Fetchnotes

Pictures and more!
• Pages
• Skitch ( Evernote)

• iPhoto
• 100 Cameras in 1 HD

Useful sites



Video and more!

• Vimeo

• iMovie
• Tellagami

Audio and podcast

• Garageband
• Audiocopy
• Podcast
• Spreaker

E-books and comics:

• Book Creator

• Comic Book
• Zoodle Comics
• Make Beliefs Comix

Quiz & testing:
• Socrative
• Nearpod
• Popplet lite
Online platform
• Flipgrid
• Tumblr
ipad as IWB:
• Educreations Interactive Whiteboard
Scanner and digital signature:
• HelloSign
• Scanner Mini

Digital storytelling tools
• Toontastic: play, create, learn
• Tellagami
• Our Story
• British Library 19th Century Collection
• Read me Stories – Children’s Books

Let’s fun!
• Quizzitive
• Pixel Press Floors – draw your own video game
• Alphabet organizer
• TinyTap – create free educational games & books
• ScratchJr – programming interactive stories and games
• Zoodle Pad ( per disegnare )
• Manulife Word Hunter
• Sushi Monster - Maths
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