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The Modern Marketing Journey

No description

Rob Heerdegen

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of The Modern Marketing Journey

Target the right buyer Quantity vs. Quality Marketing Increase Campaign ROI Modern Marketer's Toolkit Deliver Sales Intelligence Socialise the Brand Don't assume! Understand your buyer's preferred channels.
Spend time researching which networks your buyer's frequent and interact. Social Advertising
Best Practices Master the 140 character "elevator pitch"!
Use your content to induce engagement
Make sure you have a clear call to action - making it EASY for the prospect to covert You don't need to spend hundreds or tens of thousands - a few hundred pounds might be all that is needed.
Social offers targeting and efficiency than mass awareness.
Caution: Recurring fees charged for some sites! 1 | Find your Audience 2 | Think: "Focus" 3 | Keep it short 4 | Maximise Keywords Become a keyword surgeon
Google's free Keyword tool is a great starting point.
Look for: what words attract most traffic, what words competitors use, what people search for relating to your industry. Purchased lists = complaints!
If you do buy, make sure you can trust:
Source of the data
Age and last usage data
How they monitor and remove complainers
How they verify opt-in
Only send to lists that have been recently compiled Remove hard bounces (invalid addresses) immediately
Alert contact owners for physical follow-up with prospect/customer
Keep bounce rates <3%
Monitor spam reports & complaints for any trends Think credit score: Hard to earn back!
Send to only confirmed email addresses in a phased manner.
Use recent contact info (i.e. <6 months old)
Use simple HTML designs or text only, with few images and short copy. 1 | Validate list sources 2 | IP Warming 3 | Process Bounces 4 | Digital Behaviours Target offers based on digital body language to reduce complaints & improve reputation.
Exclude: NOT opened/CT on an email in last 3-6 months.
Send separate campaign asking them to update their preferences. Remove non-responders. Email Marketing
Best Practices "A happy customer tells three friends. An unhappy customer tells Google."
- SHIFT Communications CEO, Todd Defren @tdefren Measuring Content Marketing Eloqua's Grande Guides and Blog Tree generated thousands of qualified leads
Blendtec's "Will it Blend" video series was created to drive direct sales of more blenders.
OpenView Venture Partners OpenView Labs has not only led to new prospects, but also their sales cycles have dramatically shortened due to the site content - a significant cost saver
NavyForMoms.com gives the Navy's most important influencer (moms) a place to chat with other mothers dealing with the issues related to having their children in the military Set Objectives for the C-Suite SiriusDecisions estimates that the buyer's journey is 70% complete by the time a sales person is contacted. Extending Marketing Dialogues 15% of Executives say that their meetings with sales people meet expectations. Only 7% will schedule a follow-up meeting. (Forrester) 1. Share relevant information. Such as, recent activity on website, campaign responses, attended events, download of key collateral, etc. 2. Incorporate top techniques. Focus on your top sales reps. Inquire: what communication techniques do they use to engage prospects? 3. Arm sales to engage.
Start with 'foundational' email templates on topics such as fast company facts, understanding buyer's pain, online demo sign-up, etc. 71% y.o.y. improvements in the sales cycle time. 51% y.o.y. increase in sales reps achieving quota The Social CMO DO: Listen. Adhering to a 'listen-first' mantra will help you gain valuable insights that inform how-or even if-you want to engage. DO: Be Authentic. The era of online anonymity is over. Social Media demands honest, transparent and authentic participation. DON'T: Overshare. Don't share confidential information about your company, clients, colleagues, partners or competitors. DO: Disclose. If you produce corporate-relevant content on the social Web, it's necessary that you disclose your professional affiliation. Check out WOMMA. DON'T: Rumormonger. Don't spread rumours or false information about your company, clients, colleagues, partners or competitors. DON'T: Falsify. Don't misrepresent yourself or company. Make sure the content and impressions are accurate. An Eloqua study revealed that socially engaged clients are 450% more likely to be brand promoters. Bizaarvoice expects 3 of 4 CMOs to being attributing revenue to social media in 2011. The Journey of the Modern Marketer 5 social advertising endorsements
4 social search recommendations
Build up your community of brand fans
Twitter terrorism Creating content for the buying commitee
Eloqua's Grande Guides
Eloqua's Deliverability Briefcase The Content Marketing Institute claims nearly 26% of marketing budgets are spent on content.
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